What To Say If a Girl Asks Your Age

If you’re talking to a woman that you either want to have sex with or start a relationship with, a natural question that will come up during the conversation is, “How old are you?”

It seems like an innocent, basic question…and it is.

Yet, how you answer it will either make her interest in you INCREASE or DECREASE.

For example: If a 23 year old woman asks a 35 year old guy, “How old are you?” and he seems insecure about the fact that he she is a lot younger than him and probably thinks that he’s too old for her, she will notice that based on how he answers the question.

If she senses insecurity, she will press further by asking additional questions or making comments about his age to see how he reacts.

If he seems to be insecure about his age and his attractiveness to her, she will usually lose interest.



Almost all women (especially attractive women) try to avoid getting into relationships with guys who are going to become insecure about their attractiveness and value to her as the relationship continues.

If a woman has had some experience with relationships, she will know that an insecure guy will often become clingy, possessive and potentially even controlling after 6-12 months.

So, if she senses that a guy she is talking to is insecure about his attractiveness to her, it can make her put her guard around him or simply lose interest and leave the interaction.

The thing is, unattractive women are usually fine with insecure guys because they often want a guy who doesn’t know his own value and as a result, feels like he can only get a woman like her.

On the other hand, almost all attractive women want a confident boyfriend who will maintain confidence in his attractiveness and value to her as the relationship continues.


Most attractive women know that a guy can easily feel confident in the early stages of a relationship when she is showing interest and they are falling for each other.

That’s easy.

Yet, if she then starts to test his confidence by pretending to lose interest, rejecting some of his affection or being a little distant, an insecure guy can start to clingy, jealous, controlling or even very mean towards her in some cases.

So, if a woman gets a sense that a guy has the capacity to become an insecure, clingy boyfriend, she will usually lose interest and want to leave the interaction.

They could have been a great match, but he is just too insecure about his attractiveness for a woman like her.

This is how it works with women.

It’s all very subtle.

For example: You may have noticed how guys who good looking are able to get themselves a pretty girlfriend based on the subtle ways they attract women during conversations.

To men looking on, they may wonder, “What the heck is she doing with him? Why does she like him?” because they can’t see the subtle attraction that is taking place as they talk.

The reality is that most men will never understand or use this power and as a result, they will go through their life thinking that they can’t attract pretty women.

Men like that will usually either spend years trying to build up their career or muscles to hopefully be attractive enough one day, or they will avoid pretty women and remain alone, or settle for a woman that they aren’t sincerely attracted to.

You don’t have to put yourself through all that pain.

You don’t have to waste your life away like that.

You can literally learn how to attract women in HOURS and then, for the rest of your life, you will have that skill.

You will have that power.

You will enjoy your choice of women NOW, not in 5 years or never.

Sometimes ago, we’ll be talking to a beautiful woman, and the conversation will be going well up until the point where she asks the question: how old are you at that point? A woman’s interest in a guy is either going to increase or decrease based on how he answers the question, because in most cases the woman is asking the question to see if the guy is going to become insecure about his age.

Is his age going to be an issue between him and her, or is it going to be yet another thing that she finds attractive and fascinating about him? So if you’re talking to a woman – and she asks you your age, you can of course just answer in a confident, self-assured manner and say your age, 22 or 42. Yet what are you gonna say then, if she says that you’re too young for her or too old for her? This is why, if you think that There’s going to be an issue about the age or she’s testing your confidence or she is worried that you might be a bit too old for her or young for her, It’s best to answer the question in a way.

That’s going to increase her attraction and interest in you and make her see that the difference in age is not a big deal between you and her right between you and her. It doesn’t matter because you and her feel attracted to each other and There’s a unique connection between you and her that she doesn’t want to lose. So here are some examples that help take the seriousness out of the question.

How old are you and let a woman sense that between you and her, the age difference doesn’t have to be a big deal I’ll start off with examples of what an older man can say to a younger woman when he is 42 and she’s 27, for example, And then I’ll give you examples of what a younger guy could say when he’s talking to an older woman at a time when he is 22 and the woman is 26, let’s begin with the older man talking to the younger woman they’re getting along, and she then Asks him: how old are you he can then reply with something like this way too old?

For you, sorry, we can’t be together older than you, but you like older guys, so It’s fine, the perfect age for a man. I stopped counting my age when I reached 60 after letting her see that the age question doesn’t have to be so serious between him and her. He can, of course, then tell her his age if he has been making her feel attracted and drawn to him, then she’s going to want to not care about the age difference, so she can get a chance to be with him now. Here are some examples for a guy who is 22 and he’s talking to a woman who is 26, I’m old enough, I’m 22, which is perfect for you, because you’re starting to have a thing for younger guys.

Why do you need someone old enough to buy you? A beer, you forgot, your ID, didn’t you my age, It’s the same number as your IQ score: 22, somewhere between zero and 100. You have three guesses, doesn’t matter you and me wouldn’t work out anyway. It would be a fun fling, but we’d break up after a couple of weeks or something it wouldn’t work out way too young for you, but that’s okay, you’re into younger guys.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be hitting on me now compare those confident responses to her question to some insecure ones. I’m 22, but most people say I look older, I’m 42, but I still look young. No, I work out. I keep myself in shape. You know I take care of myself, I’m 42, but most people say I look like I’m in my 30s. With those examples, you are most likely able to sense the insecurity, and if you can sense it, you can bet that a woman can sense it right. Women look out for these things. Women don’t want to get themselves into a relationship with the guy who is going to become insecure right.

They don’t want to get into that type of relationship where the guy is going to have an issue about his age, or It’s going to have an issue about her beauty or attractiveness and he’s gonna feel, like he’s not good enough and so on. So the way that it works is that many women do want to stick within a certain age bracket and they don’t want to go below that or above that. Yet there are also women who are open to dating younger guys or dating older guys.

What matters most to women, who are open to dating younger guys or older guys, is how she feels with you in particular, with you specifically. Does she feel like age, doesn’t really matter right, you and her feels so attracted to each other. She feel drawn to you. She likes being around you and you share a unique connection that she doesn’t want to miss out on. She really likes you and wants to be with you by the way. If you know my story, you know that I speak from experience in that about 90 % of the women that I hooked up with over the course of 10 years, where I was enjoying.

My choice of women were younger than me, for example, when I was 26 I was with women who were 20 21. When I was 30, I was also with women, who were 20 21 22 and up. I also hooked up with many women who were between 26 and 33. Then after 10 years of enjoying all of that, I met my perfect girl when she was 20 and I was 35. We settled down, and we’ve been together for nearly seven years now, so when it comes to your age in most cases, what really matters is how she feels about you in particular right when she is interacting with you.

Does she feel, like the difference in age? Is going to be an issue in a relationship or does she feel like it doesn’t matter, because she feels so attracted to you. She feels so comfortable around you. She feels so drawn to you and There’s a unique connection between you and her that she doesn’t want to miss out on okay. I hope you enjoyed this video and learned something from it. If you are one of the guys who finds it difficult to attract women as you talk to them or to flow smoothly from a conversation to a kiss and then sex or a conversation, a phone number exchange calling her on the phone setting up a date and getting her to arrive at the date and then kiss have sex and start a relationship with you, then I recommend that you read my ebook the flow or listen to the audiobook version.

The flow on audio the flow is everything that you need to know to go from hello to sex with a woman that you find attractive. One final point that I want to make for you in this video is to not automatically count yourself out. If There’s an age difference between you and a woman that you’re talking to many women, don’t have an issue with dating guys who are a bit older than them and in some cases dating guys who are a bit younger than them.

So if you’re, interacting with a woman and you’re 23 and she’s 27 or you’re 35 and she’s 25, then don’t automatically count yourself out because of the age difference. She may not have an issue with it. She may be one of the women who are totally fine with it so interact with her attractor and then move things forward to kissing and sex.

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