Top 7 Sex Tips For Women

Single and Frustrated

We all need to have sex. If you’re single, this can be a problem. If you want to find someone
who can help ease this frustration, sex expert, Judy Dutton, may help. She states that people
who attract the most attention from men are those who send out 35 flirtatious signals per
hour. This sounds like a huge amount, but flirting can be very subtle. Stroking your arm or
tilting your head is considered a flirtatious act. One of the most powerful ways to flirt is to
hold eye contact with the man you want. You can also angle your head forwards, so you have
to look slightly upwards. This position makes women look more feminine and more alluring
to men.

Know Your Body

Put your hands up if you want a body-shaking, pleasure-blinding orgasm? Then it is time to
explore. Even in the present age, female masturbation remains taboo. Yet how can you expect
your man to pleasure you, if you don’t know what is a turn-on and a turn-off? To find out
what you like, try when you are alone. You will need to focus on different areas, at different
times, to discover what is best for you. There are also herbal oils that can stimulate you.
Zestra oil is said to arouse sexual desire and heighten the sensations of sex. Be aware that
Zestra is oil based and is not compatible with latex contraception, like condoms.

Talk More

We all have them, but do we know what the erogenous zones are? The female hot-spots are
the: feet, neck, ears, wrists, nipples, butt, vagina, clitoris, lips, inner thighs and the back of the
knees. Now you know what they are, you need to tell him. Ask him to stroke, kiss or massage
each and every one at different speeds and with different pressures. Make sure you ask him
sensitively, avoiding bossing. Get in bed and kiss him. Then give gentle direction and tell him
how good each thing feels. Later, take this one step further by wearing a blindfold. It adds a
new dimension to your sex life whilst making your erogenous zones ultra sensitive.

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Know His Body

Lots of research has gone into what turns men on, yet relatively little has gone into
researching what turns a girl on. Although it may be hard for the feminists to swallow (in
some cases literally) it seems that sexually satisfying and pleasing their partner is a big turn
on for many women. So get to know his body and what he likes. Compared to the female, the
male erogenous zones are more widely disputed, but areas you should pay attention to are
the: foreskin, corona, neck, anus, feet, nose, perineum and underarms. You should aim to
tickle, kiss and lick these areas. Some men also like to be bitten or scratched – make sure you
ask first.


Sometimes we just don’t feel like sex and that is fine. But if we are stressed for a sustained
period of time, our libidos often suffer. In a YouGov poll 43% of females admit their sex
drive is affected by stress. To combat this you need to learn how to relax. A useful tip is to
take a steamy hot shower, then quickly switch to cold. This is a quick and effective way to
lower stress levels; it also stimulates your body. As your stress levels decrease, begin on
some subtle foreplay. Ask your man to join you in the shower, once wet, lead him out and
start to dry his body. Work slowly and rub him all over. Get him to do the same to you.


Rodeo, Bridge, Figure Eight…erotic acrobatics are fun, but do they help you achieve orgasm?
If you’re looking to climax during sex, your position should stimulate your clitoris, your
vagina or your G-spot. If you want to try and work all three, lay flat on your bed. Put a pillow
in the arch of your back and ask your man to enter you in the missionary position. The pillow
will angle your body up. This causes more friction and stimulates your clitoris, whilst also
allowing for deeper penetration. Another big-O position is if you go on top. Your clitoris will
be sandwiched between your pelvic bone and his, leading to that essential clitoral stimulation.


Although talking during sex can be a turn-on, during the latter stages of sex, when you are
about to reach climax, silence may be key. According to studies women need to focus on the
sensations men provide to achieve the most powerful orgasms. When you feel that you may
come soon, try to focus on each sensation you are feeling. For example, focus on the weight
of your man on you, focus on the feel of his hands touching you and the taste of his lips. Even
though you know that you need some quiet time, your partner may not. To stop him from
speaking, kiss him or seductively hold a finger to his lips.

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