The 3 Master Keys To Pick-up Lines

If I could make $1 for every email I get on what is the best pickup line to use, I’d be filthy rich.

Most guys don’t understand the crucial fact that women have heard EVERY “pick-up line” in the
book. Anything you say that even resembles one will be instantly spotted, and will expose YOU
as just another idiot trying to pick her up. The purpose of using a pick-up line is not to “pick her
up” or “take her home.”

This is where 99% of guys make the first mistake and wind up going home alone.

Instead, a really great pick-up line will put her into the following states of mind
that are necessary for her to sleep with you:

1. Safety/Comfort- Once she feels comfortable and safe with you, she will begin to talk and open
up. Girls get bombarded with guys telling them all kinds of things, so you need to set yourself
apart so that her built in filters for eliminating the usual guys doesn’t torpedo you.

2. Trust- Once you establish safety and comfort, trust is a natural side effect. Once she trusts
you, she will reveal all kinds of useful information to you which you can use to get her into bed!

……………….So How Would You Accomplish This?

You must become aware of a very important distinction in your mind:
You must be able to adapt and be flexible enough to use your surrounding environment to
create the perfect pick-up line. This is what I call a “Stealth Line”. Women’s filters don’t
recognize a Stealth Line as a pick-up line, making it undetectable.

Stealth Lines are based on something that Milton Erickson, the father of modern day clinical
hypnosis, did naturally as part of his work. He called it “Pacing.” When a client came to see
Erickson, Erickson would put the client into a hypnotic trance without the client even being aware
of what Erickson was doing. To do this, Erickson would start by making the client aware of things
in the environment that were immediately verifiable as true. For example, Erickson would say to
the client something like,
“I know that you’re concerned with your problem… you’ve been working at it for some time now,
and even though you’re sitting in the chair, breathing in and out, you may start to notice how the
more relaxed you allow yourself to become, the smaller your problem seems to be.”

Now let’s take a closer look at the above statement.

Erickson has stated 4 TRUE statements about the client’s surrounding environment.

1. The client is concerned with his problem.
2. The client has been working on the problem for some time now.
3. The client is sitting in the chair.
4. The client is breathing in and out.

These true statements, even though they may seem obvious to you and me, were out of the
client’s direct consciousness. By bringing them into the client’s awareness, Erickson establishes:

1. A pattern of true statements that the client’s mind is now expecting.
2. A measure of authority in the client’s world, just by pointing out what’s true.
3. The patient’s trust in him, which leads the patient to blindly accept Erickson’s 5th and final
“…you may start to notice how the more relaxed you allow yourself to become, the smaller the
problem seems to be”.

This is just the beginning of what Erickson would do to manipulate his clients’ minds. After the
session was over, the client would go home, wondering why Erickson never “did” hypnosis on
them… yet in a week or so, the client’s problem was usually GONE.

……..So what the hell does this have to do with picking up women???

Well, next time you meet a woman and you point out 1 or 2 observations about your immediate
environment that are obviously true, you can then more easily state that you want her to talk,
dance with you, go home with you, go somewhere more private… and your requests are 10 times
more likely to be accepted!

For example:
Let’s say you spot a gorgeous woman with great energy having a drink at a bar and you decide to
talk to her. Using the above technique, the Stealth Line will go something like this:

“Pardon me, I know that we don’t know each other, but as I was walking in, I saw you here, sitting
at the bar enjoying your drink and you seem to have a very pleasing aura about you… do you do
healing or bodywork?”

Now if you examine this Stealth Line, you’ll notice 3 TRUE statements that she cannot argue with:

1st True Statement: You don’t know each other
2nd True Statement: She’s sitting at the bar
3rd True Statement: She’s having a drink

Then you follow up with a compliment about her aura or energy that her unconscious mind will
now accept as true as well. As she accepts you’re lines, she’ll begin to trust you and will open
herself up to further conversation. Congratulations bad boy, you’ve successfully slipped under
her radar and are now talking very comfortably to a beautiful woman at the bar and all of your
friends will have no idea what you did.

Speaking in truths also gives you an aura of sincerity, because she’ll perceive you as a truthful
guy… you’ll even actually notice that over time, you won’t have to use these “pacing” statements
as much, because eventually she’ll take anything you say as true once you build her trust.

Okay. Enough philosophy. Now let’s look at what I call the 3 Master Keys of pick-up
lines, designed to install in your mind a sort of “pickup line generator” that creates them on the
spot, so that you never have to memorize another pick-up line ever again!

(P.S. With all these approaches, make sure you use what I call the Classy Opener… which
means no matter what, excuse yourself for interrupting her! THIS ONE detail will separate
yourself from 98% of the other guys. Most other guys are so bent on using a memorized pick-up
line, that they thrust themselves into the woman’s life, forgetting a simple common courtesy that
will make her at least RESPECT you. A simple, “Excuse me…” will do perfectly before you
deliver your line.)

The 3 Master Keys To Pick-up Lines

Pick-up Line Master Key #1: The Observation

Observation involves commenting on something in the immediate environment, also known as
“pacing” your situation. A pacing comment draws her attention to what you’re commenting on,
which becomes a shared experience for both of you. Using 2 or 3 “pacing” comments is enough
to get her going in the direction of accepting your whatever you say as true. You can also
comment on things you notice about her. Observations about her aura, her energy, or how she
conducts herself all work great.

If she starts to open up and talk, great! But if you still have some softening up to do, follow up

Pick-up Line Master Key #2: The Question

Asking her a question is the key to her mind and body. Asking her a question tells her that,
You are curious about HER as a person.
You’re not interested in just her body. (even if you are!)
You are a guy that notices things that 99% of other guys are oblivious to.
Well thought out questions about HER make your market value go up EXPONENTIALLY!
When you ask her a question, LISTEN to her answers. If you can get naturally curious about
something that she’s sharing with you, it leads to you to asking even better questions that open
her up even deeper. Now, be careful, because this is NOT an interview. And don’t ask any
dreaded “Yes/No” questions unless you are hell-bent on sinking yourself. You are conversing
with her… listen… ask… comment… listen… and ask again.

The best kinds of questions you eventually want to ask are the ones having to do with her
passions, what she enjoys, and what is important to her. As she talks about these three things,
she’ll have different states and feelings based on what you’re asking like connection, happiness,
comfort, or even horniness. These states and feelings can be very intense for her. So by virtue
of you talking about these things with her, you AUTOMATICALLY become a very special and
sexy guy in her eyes!

A Word of Caution however: Sometimes, if the intensity of these feelings you evoke come too
fast, they can freak her out, so you want to keep a couple of things in mind:

1. Imagine feelings of comfort and safety with her, almost like she’s an old friend. Women are
very intuitive – they can’t read your mind, but they can pick up on what your feeling and if you feel
comfort and safety, she’ll feel that too.

2. In your conversation, alternate between being intimate, being sensitive, being personal
questions, making comments, and small talk. This rapid pace of change creates a rhythm
between both you and her rather than turn up the heat all at once. Rather, you want to turn up
the heat gradually by alternating back and forth between intense and light topics.

Pick-up Line Master Key #3: The Compliment

The compliment approach involves the same pacing principles, but instead of an observation, you
would use a sincere compliment about her. Again, comments on her energy, movement, or
expression work well. Try avoiding compliments on her beauty – she’s heard it all before. If after
the compliment she’s hesitant to speak with you further, switch to asking a question.

The Master Key Emergency Button

This Master Key is used when you can’t think of anything or you get tongue-tied (hey, it happens
to ALL of his). It’s so simple and stupid yet SOO effective:
“Hi,” with a smile on your face.

This breaks the ice, and she has to say hi back. If she doesn’t, consider that she’s done you a
favor by letting you know that she’s a rude person, in which case, she has eliminated herself from
the game. But 99% of the time she’ll say hi back and you can easily transition into any of the
Master Keys pick-up lines from there.

Consistent practice of the above techniques will give you a level of skill where you’ll never have to
think of a pickup line ever again!

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Pick-up Approaches That Work

Camera pick-up

I keep a small, compact digital camera in my pocket. Sometimes when I’m at a bar with my
friends and I meet some girl, I have one of my buddies snap our picture together. This way I can
give her a squeeze while we get our picture taken and she can immediately look at it on the small
digital view. Girls love this!

One more question pick-up

This is a good one if you’re in the conversation and the girl gives you the brush off. Once, this girl
kept telling me I was too old for her and I would say, “okay I’ll go but let me just ask you one
question…” and I would continue to proceed with the conversation. She tried to brush me off a
few times, but every time I would just say, “okay I’ll go but let me just ask you one question…”
until she had warmed up to me. That very night we went home together. Persistence can work

Church girl pick-up

Most men consider church girls very conservative about sex. Better for you – because you’ll
have no competition! The fact is, most church girls like and think about sex just as much anyone
else. What I’ve done in the past is visit different churches as a “newcomer”. Because you’re
new, everyone is more willing to meet you and introduce themselves. Usually you’ll find a few
girls who might show some interest in you. The best ones are the very religious ones. The trick
is to get into a religious conversation with them and become convinced of “the way” from them.
Let them take you under their wing so to speak. They’ll go out of their way to convert you and be
with you. Yes, a little devious so this might not be for everyone.

Psychic intuition pick-up

This is a great line. Next time you see a girl at the bookstore or on the street, go up to her and
say, “I have a psychic intuition about you.” This line acts as a hook, something that will get their
curiosity going. Whenever I have used this line, girls will always ask “what?”. Then reply with a
general comment about her that could be true of just about anyone like, “My psychic intuition tells
me you like chocolate.” That will usually get her to laugh a little and open up. Remember to use
this approach in a playful manner.

Palm Reading pick-up

Grab a book on palm reading at your local bookstore and study it. Don’t go crazy, you just need
to know the basics. Once you’ve got the basics down, next time you’re at a bar and you get good
vibes from a girl, smile, grab her hand, look at it, and say, “hmm I see something very interesting
about you.” The key now is to shut-up and let her respond. She’ll almost always ask what, to
which you reply by reading her palm. You might want to throw in to spice it up.. “and I can see
you’re a very sexual person.” Most girls will think you’ve got psychic intuition or at least think
you’re a fun guy. Remember, be light and playful.

Sorority house pick-up

Even if you’re out of college you can still enjoy the college life. After I finished school, for a few
years I still looked young enough to pass as a student. Instead of going the usual way and
renting my own apartment or buying a house, I rent a room in a student co-op. There were 3
guys and 5 other girls in the co-op. The 5 girls were all beautiful and had dozens of sorority
friends. I ended up going to all sorts of parties through my connections all year. Most girls I met
would ask me what I studied, and I would reply that I had just graduated and was working but I
was studying good communication and how to have great sex. That would always get the
conversation going in the right direction and I fit right in.

Political girl pick-up

A lot of girls are interested in social issues like the environment, animal rights, fair trade, or
feminist issues. Sometimes you’ll see these girls at demonstrations or handing out brochures.
First of all, don’t be intimidated! These girls tend to be very liberal and have open attitudes about
sex. Many of them will enjoy sex just for the experience. They key is to start talking to them
about whatever issue they’re concerned about and listen, listen, listen. The more you listen the
more fond they’ll become of you. For instance, I once met a girl handing out brochures about
nuclear waste. I began talking to her about alternate forms of energy. She was just glad to talk
to someone who was interested. After we talked for about 2 hours, I invited her to meet me the
next day for coffee to talk some more and she readily agreed. Within the week we weren’t talking
about nuclear waste but about how many positions we could do!

Shoe store pick-up

I’ve had a lot of success with this one in the past. Sometimes I’ll stop by the men’s shoes section
in department stores and see if the clerk is a woman. I’ll then ask her which men’s shoes she
likes best and which ones would look best on me. They key is to ask her for HER opinion and
make her opinion feel valued. To illustrate, once I went to Macy’s to buy some new black, dress
shoes. I was dressed nicely in a suit and ask the clerk to help me choose a nice pair of shoes
that would go with my suit. I asked her opinion on all sorts of pairs of shoes and also directed the
conversation to other topics, like how she became a sales clerk at Macy’s. About 30 minutes
later she gave me her card and I called her later that week to meet for dinner and to see her shoe

Airplane pick-up

The beauty of the airplane pick-up is that everything is set up for you. If you happen to be sitting
next to a beautiful woman, she’ll be sitting next to you for maybe two hours or more and believe
me, she’s bored out of her mind! I’ve found that women are usually very eager to get into a
conversation. They key is, what do you say first to get the conversation going? I’ll usually try to
notice something interesting about her and comment on that. For instance, if I see that she has a
nice tan I’ll ask her, “Excuse me… I couldn’t help but notice you have such a nice tan… are you
from Florida or something?”

The last time met a woman on a plan this way was with an older woman who was a psychologist.
After talking with her for two hours, I discovered she was unhappy with her marriage and was
looking for more excitement in her life. She literally followed me through the airport wanting to
talk more and gave me her card. In this particular case I never had time to call her back, but the
story illustrates the point.

Young girls pick-up

The key to picking up younger girls is not to get too deep or too serious with them. They haven’t
yet formed who they as a person yet and can act frustratingly “superficial” or spacey. Instead,
focus on making them laugh and teasing them. You should almost treat them like they’re your
bratty little sister and you’re a goofy frat boy. Keep it light. Keep it humorous.

Dance pick-up

This trick always works if you’re on the dance floor. To begin with, you MUST dance. I know for
some of you that might sound impossible, but dancing in most clubs is just shuffling your feet to
the rhythm. If you have trouble, 90% of it is psychological and you just start out by just dancing
by yourself with no intention of meeting girls until you get comfortable with it.

Once you’ve got the “dancing” down, if you can call it dancing, slowly move up to a girl. If she
doesn’t back away, keep getting closer until you “accidently” brush up against her. If she doesn’t
back away, after a minute or so put your hands on her hips. If she doesn’t back away, you’re in.
The trick now is to slowly move your hands up the sides of her body while you’re dancing without
ever breaking physical contact. Then slowly move your hands up along her arms until you’re
hands touch her hands. Then slowly run your hands back down her body. She’ll get very turned
on by this, especially since no other guy will have ever laid this move on her before.

As you dance, work in closer until your face is very close to hers and it almost feels as if you’re
about to kiss. But don’t, just let that tension hold. After a dance or two, you can say, “So how
good a kisser are you?” or say, as a command and not a question, “So how would you like to kiss
me now.” She’ll usually be dying to kiss you by that time. If she says anything but an outright
“No”, go in for the kiss. 99% of the time she’ll kiss you back.

Women with babies pick-up

You know the old saying, “Love me, love my babies.” This is where a lot of men screw-up,
because as soon as they see that a woman has kids they freak out and run. Again, this leaves
you with no competition with these women and the key to their hearts is through their babies.
If you meet a woman with a baby, just say, “Oh you’re baby is so cute,” almost in the same way
her best girlfriends would say. Then ask all about her baby and what her baby likes. You can
usually transition the conversation to about other things in her life. She’ll be impressed. And
she’ll reward you.

Beautiful woman pick-up

Sometimes I’ll see a beautiful woman in the street or at the bookstore and I want to compliment
her on her beauty. This can sometimes work, but it’s often a big mistake. You see, beautiful
women get compliments on their beauty all the time and you’ll just put yourself into the category
of, “another horny guy.” Instead, compliment her on her energy. For instance, I’ll tell her
something like, “Excuse me… I just had to tell you that you have a very beautiful energy.”
Believe me, she’ll be floored and if nothing else you’ll have made her day and you’ll feel great
yourself. Some of the most beautiful women I’ve been with I’ve picked up in exactly this way.

I’m lost pick-up

This trick is good for when you see a beautiful woman walking down the street towards you. Let’s
say for the example that she’s headed in the direction of a Starbucks coffee shop. Just as she’s
passing you, say clearly, “Excuse me,” until she stops. Then ask her, “Where would I find the
nearest Starbucks?” She’ll tell you “It’s this way,” which just happens 😉 to be the direction she’s
already walking! As you turn around to walk in the same direction she’s going, you’ll have a few
minutes then to talk and invite her to coffee.
This pick-up may sound easy on paper, but takes some balls to pull off. Good luck!

Bookstore pick-up

Bookstores are great for picking up women because you’ll usually find the smarter, more
imaginative ones there. Women usually hang out in the art, sex, romance, or new age sections
so hang around those areas especially. The key to this pick-up is noticing what she’s reading
and take an interest in it. Simply say, “I was curious about that book you’re reading, is it any
good?” She might ask you why, simply say, “Well, I have an interest in that subject…” and then
make something up. She’s interested in the subject too because she’s reading about it so you’ll
both have something in common. After that I suggest you read her palm (see my Palm Reading
pick-up for details)

All girls’ college pick-up

A great place to meet lots of women is at all girls’ colleges. Girls are sent there to be protected
from boys but there’s no law that keeps you from visiting. Usually the girls at these kinds of
colleges are desperate to meet a guy so even if you’re just halfway decent looking you can
usually get some action without too much trouble.

To do this, simply walk around campus and as a cute girl passes you ask her for directions to
where so-and-so is (see the I’m Lost pick-up for details). Or for a more direct approach, simply
go up to her and tell her that you couldn’t help but notice what a great energy she has (see the
Beautiful girl pick-up for details). Usually this is enough to get the conversation going and she’ll
be glad just to talk to a man!

The sex freak pick-up

Okay, this pick-up may take a little open mindedness of your part, but if you truly want to score
with the sex freak girls, you’d better have an open mind to begin with.

I’m talking about the kind of women that like to have sex with multiple male partners – swingers.
My experience at a swing club was a good one. Great music. Pool. Food. Relaxing
atmosphere. And best of all, because it was women and couples only, there were a lot of cute
girls around and not a lot of guys. Downstairs was like a regular night club but oh soo much
better. A little nudity here and there, but nothing too overwhelming. Upstairs is where it got really

The great thing about a swingers club is that a lot of the women are looking to hook up. All you
have to do is use one the other pick-up techniques and get into a conversation. If she likes you,
the fun will follow you. It can be as simple as that.

If you don’t have an open minded girlfriend to take (most of the clubs are couples only), I suggest
you ask any girls you know if they’d like to check it out with you. You’d be surprised to which
“good” girls will say yes! Most likely they’ve never been asked such an interesting proposition

Condom pick-up

Believe me, this might sound strange but it works.
Scout around the various drug stores in your neighborhood until you find one with a cute girl at
the check-out counter. Now, grab a 10 pack of “Magnum” extra-large size condoms. Believe it or
not, about 50% of the time the check-out girl will comment on my Magnum-size condoms from
which I’ll carry a short conversation and then a close. Last time I tried this I was in Daytona
Beach and the girl said, “Wow, she must be lucky!”

One-night stand pickup

This pickup strategy is probably not for everyone but has 100% effectiveness to scoring one-night
stands if you can carry it through.

Simply hit the bars and clubs and approach every women you see using the techniques explained
in the first section of this book. Then, after you open with her, quickly close with, “So how would
you like an orally stimulated orgasm?” 99% of the women will probably slap you (if you delivered
it like a horny beggar) or laugh (if you delivered it playfully) but you’ll eventually get an “okay.” It’s
simply a numbers game.

So if you can take the repeated “rejection” (although you’ll do much better if you look at it as a fun
game or experiment) you’re guaranteed to get an “okay” for a one-night stand by the end of the
night if you approach enough women. I’ve tried it. And yes, it works.

Just don’t try this in your hometown or city, because you’ll get quite a reputation after a while…
unless of course, that’s exactly what you want!

Cold Girl Pick-up

Ever see that ice-queen in the club or bar? Beautiful or not, she’s blowing off every guy that
approaches her. This does NOT mean that she’s a bitch, and if you think like this you’re putting
yourself into a negative state about women and it will mess up your energy.

It’s just that some women get approached by so many guys just looking for quick sex with the
same “lines” that they become desensitized. Or she might just have had a bad day at work or
school. So a great way to approach this kind of woman is to set yourself apart from all the other
guys by showing her that you understand her situation… showing her that you can identify with
her perception of the world.

To do this, keep an eye on her (don’t be obvious though). Next time you see her blow off a guy,
go up to her and say, “I couldn’t help but notice all the lame guys try to use the same lines on
you, just for sex. That guy was really lame wasn’t her?” 90% of the time she’ll smile or laugh and
you’ve just separated yourself from ALL the other guys trying to pick her up. You can follow up
by saying, “I can’t believe all the lines that guys used. What are some of the ones you’ve gotten
before?” That will open her up and she’ll start telling you how all the guys who have failed
approach her… and you’ll become a confidant, a friend to her.

And she won’t even realize that you’re picking her up… until she’s already in love with you!

Hairdresser Pick-up

Stop getting your hair cut by the 90-year old barber, WWI veteran and get yourself into a hair
salon stocked with young women hairdressers.

When you’re getting your hair cut, you’ve got 20 to 30 minutes with your hairdresser where she
HAS to talk with you – in fact, that’s part of her job is to give you a good overall experience and
hopefully get more tips. In fact, most hairdressers get so bored that talking with their customers
is their favorite part of the job so if you can be even just a little interesting, you’ll have a beautiful
woman all to yourself where you can make your moves.

Most men, if they talk at all, talk about themselves. The trick is, to ask your hairdresser about
herself. People love to talk about themselves and women are no exception. I usually start off
t\with some questions like, “So what made you decide to become a hairdresser?” “How long
have you been doing this?” “Have you ever really screwed up someone’s hair before?” Or I’ll
notice something about them I like, compliment with on it, and then ask a question. For example:
“I really like your hair… what made you decide to go with that style?”

The trick here is to quickly build rapport. And she’ll probably open up herself quickly since it’s her
job to talk anyway. If you’ve built the rapport, as you’re leaving you can then close with, “You
know, you have a really beautiful energy and I enjoy talking with you. How would you like to grab
something to eat with me… when do you get off work?” Often, she’ll go for it!

10 Second Pick-up

The 10 Second pick-up is a variation of the Beautiful Woman pickup. In fact, you may want to
practice with the Beautiful Woman pickup before you try this one.

Simply say, “Excuse me… but I just had to tell you that you have an incredibly beautiful energy.”
Wait for her to soak it in and respond and then say, “Now I know this may sound kind of direct,
but I just have to say that I want to get to know you and take you out, and have an incredible time
with you.”

This super fast, direct approach actually works if you say it in a comfortable, honest and sincere
manner. I use it all the time. In fact, most women will be absolutely floored because the
approach is so direct and powerful. Just don’t come off as a horny bastard or it will fall flat!
Whether you succeed or not is all about how you deliver it.

Either way, if she’s open to your approach, you should have her number within literally seconds!

Bisexual Threesome Pick-up

The best way to get bisexual girls is if you have a girl friend who is bisexual and can do the work
for you. I suspected my friend Maggie was bisexual… she was kind of butch and I wasn’t
attracted to her physically. But I thought she could help me out in my quest for pink paradise. So
one day I asked her straight out if she liked girls as well as guys. We got into a two hour long
conversation about it, and I discussed the possibility of going girl hunting together.

What ended up happening is that Maggie seemed to have a sixth-sense for which girls were bi
and would respond. She pretty much did all the work of the seduction, except if the conversation
went on a tangent away from hooking up, I just set the conversation back in the right direction. I
ended up in a number of threesomes this way.

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Some Extra Quick Tips To Keep In Mind

#1. Don’t talk too fast. Slow down. Take time to breathe.

#2. When doing a walk-up, never approach a girl and start talking to her from behind before she
sees you! This will scare off even the most friendly of women. Always approach toward her from
an angle where you’re in her potential field of vision.

#3. Most guys wait until the girl gives them “a signal” before they approach. 90% of the time, this
is NOT necessary and the pick-up approaches in this book are just as effective whether she gives
you “a signal” or not.

#4. Be playful. Be genuinely curious about her as a person.

#5. If you’re having trouble, notice that little voice talking to yourself inside your head. It is
probably telling you things that don’t help, at a rapid fire pace… even though you’re normally not
even conscious that it’s happening! I suggest turning that voice inside your head into that of a
sexy woman who speaks in a slow, sexy voice… you should calm right down after that. Practice
noticing when that voice inside your head is getting out of control and messing up your approach
– and practice changing it into something else.

#6. Close quickly if you can. Don’t waste time. If you’re getting a good response from her, close.
Otherwise she’ll put you into that “he’s just a friend” category VERY fast. Most guys beat around
the bush for months. Romantic heroes know what they want, they let the girl know it, and they
GO for it. And women get wet for men of action.

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I am a Marine who now works as a Web Developer. I have five US States left to visit. I like whiskey, wine, and coffee, soaking in hot springs or in my hot tub.

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