Love Quiz How To Attract Love

Who does not wish to attract love? All of us want to attract the best person to ourselves. Am I right? We all wish that the best specimen of the opposite sex became our mate. Let us quiz, if you can do that and find out how you can do that.

Love quiz- what attracts you? Let me ask you this- what attracts you? That answer will give answer to our first question. A person who looks very smart, a person who looks very handsome/beautiful, a person who shows care and love for us, a person who is very intelligent, a person who is compassionate, a person who is well read, a person who is independent minded, a person who can make others laugh, a person who is not selfish, a person who is not greedy, a person who looks honest – these are some qualities that will attract you. Am I on the right track?

Quiz if you can develop these qualities- all of us want many things in life. The question arises- are we ready to work towards that? Most of us want to continue in our old way and want different results. Let me repeat – almost of us want to continue in the old way but want different results than before. That will never happen. For getting different results than before we have to act differently. Develop the attributes you are looking for in others and you will attract the best from the opposite sex.


Do Looks Matter To You More?

What is love? What is attraction? Why do we love someone? Why do we say that we love someone? Why do not we say that we like someone or are getting attracted to someone? This is all because love is becoming a common word to be used for all kinds of attachments and relationships. Have you quizzed yourself about how much looks matter to you in love?

Will you love an ugly looking person even if she/he has every other quality in plenty? Or you will accept somebody better looking but missing in some qualities? What if you are told that the best looking person of the opposite sex has fallen for you and wants love in return? When you develop relationship, you find that person missing in many essential qualities and values that you respect. What will you do?

Quiz yourself about your relationships. Many of the relationships break because we are attracted by looks but as we get closer we find the other person difficult and break the relationship. It happens with most of us. We all go for looks in the beginning. Very rarely, we give points for other qualities in a logical manner. We look at a attractive person and say-I am in love. Quiz yourself and you will realize why many of your relationships broke? We may deny that. But the main attraction is always great looks. Quiz yourself about this and probably you will come to know more about what are your priorities in relationships and love.


Do You Allow Your Partner To Retain Their Identity?

In love many of us have a picture of somebody ideal. We also have some expectations, rather a lot of expectations from our lover. Behavior, upkeep, dressing style, speaking style, hobbies, looks and many such character traits that are personal may get dictated by one lover to another.

This watch does not suit you. Why do you walk with such swagger? It does not look good? Why are you spending so much time talking on telephone? When will you improve your housekeeping? Please improve your dress sense. Look at others, how well they keep themselves. A lover can have his/her own idea about the beloved and try to mould the beloved accordingly. They rob the freedom from their lover. Is that love? Will this be loved and liked by the partner? Will this not affect the relationship?

You fell in love with an individual with many pluses and many minuses. After knowing all of them, you decided to build a relationship. After developing the relationship, you want your lover to change in many ways. Is that not breaking the unspoken promises? By demanding changes, we make our lover feel inferior. By demanding changes, we irritate our lover. We bring down the quality of love. How can you expect to be loved by someone who is getting regular instructions of change from you? You cannot expect love. But many of us do this consciously or unconsciously. We kill the beauty of love by this.

All of us have their freedom to be what they are. We should leave them as they are and focus only on love and relationship. That will help us live a fruitful life that is pleasant.


Will you Break-Up Soon?

Love and break-up are two sides of the same coin. It is invariably break-up after love. For most of us it seems inevitable now a days. The question is only of time. Some couples break-up after many years, while some break-up after few months. What about you? Are you nearing a break-up? Quiz yourself and find out if your relationship of love is on brink now. Quiz and find out if the symptoms are already appearing?

How to find out if the break-up is due anytime now? Earlier you enjoyed being with your partner. Is it the same now, or you want to have more of personal space and want to be more with your friends? Quiz your buying habits for your partner. Earlier you gave lot of thought and money was not the only consideration to buy anything for your partner. Are you calculating money now a days? Do you let some occasion go without making a present? Quiz yourself about your talking habits. Earlier you never uttered a word that could hurt your partner. What about now? Are you as careful in selecting your words?

These are small indicators that will tell you the subtle changes that are taking place in your relationship. Watch for these changes and find out if you are sliding down towards an inevitable break-up?

Quiz yourself about your love, your care, your relationships and your desire for each other. Small quizzes will give you hints about large changes. Quiz is a great tool to find out about your life.


What If You Love Your Friend?

You are friends and you enjoy your friendship. You behave with each other as you do with your other friends. One day you find that you have begun having different feelings for your friend. You like him/her more than a friend and are developing romantic love. What should you do?

You want to tell your friend about your feelings. But you are not very sure about them yourself. Have you really crossed the relationship of friendship and developed romantic love? You are thinking about that and the more you think the more you get confused. Emotions are like that. They can play havoc with us.

After lot of deliberation, you have decided that the feelings of love are true and figments of your imagination. Should you tell your friend? What if he/she does not reciprocate? What will happen to the friendship?

This is a difficult situation. You don’t wish to sacrifice your friendship, but if your friend does not reciprocate that will happen. And there is no way of finding his/her feelings indirectly. You have to do it yourself. What should be done? Please ask. Please tell about your feelings and ask if your feelings are reciprocated. If yes, you are lucky. If not, let the friendship suffer. You cannot continue loving someone without finding out your friend’s feelings. That will be much more painful.

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Does Confidence Attracts Love?

How do you attract love? How do you attract someone to love you? What do you do so that somebody comes forward and says- I love you? This is a very important question, because many of us are hungry for love that we never get. Let me talk about confidence. Does having confidence attract love?

Let us talk about your self. Do you get attracted to anybody who shows no confidence? Do you madly love anybody who is unsure about everything? Do you fall in romantic love with a person whose very walk and talk shows a very timid person? I do not think many of us will do that. We may pity that person. We may advise that person. But we will never love that person. For loving a person, we have to find a person who commands respect from us. Confidence can do that trick. Let us discuss about confidence and love.

Love and confidence- if you are a confident looking person, you have to take care of over confidence. Do you look aggressive or act smart at all the times? If yes, that can drive people away from you. We all love and respect a confident person, but not somebody who declares that he/she knows all the answers and is infallible. If you lack in confidence, you have to develop it with systematic analysis of your fears and doubts. Why do you have low confidence? Find out the reasons. Are you lacking in abilities or are afraid of using them or you area pessimist? Please think about your confidence level and increase it.

We get attracted to a person who commands respect from us. Confident looking people command respect. Develop confidence to win in the game of love.


Do You Need Intimacy?

Intimacy in love means a close relationship that is highly satisfying. To be intimate means that you reveal yourself totally to your partner, hide nothing and feel very comfortable and free. it is like talking to yourself. You become so close and are so sure of your relationship that you talk to your partner as if you are talking to yourself. This kind of relationship has great joy and gives a new meaning to relationships. Now a days relationships are getting confined to physical and emotional needs are not being met. Are you also looking for intimate relationship? Why not quiz yourself about that?

Quiz your needs? Do you feel comfortable in an intimate relationship? Do you feel absence of intimate relationship? When you look at pictures of happy and intimate couples, do you feel little envious? Do you wish that you also had an intimate relationship? Or you feel comfortable as you are and don’t want any one to come within your personal space. Do you wish to share others pains and pleasures or want to keep away from details and in a boundary? These are the questions that only you can answer. Please quiz yourself about these needs. This quiz will tell you about your deep felt needs and tell you what will satisfy you. Also quiz yourself if what you are thinking will truly give you joy?

Quiz your behavior – Quiz yourself about your behavior. If you need an intimate relationship then ask- why it is not developing? Quiz yourself about your choice of partner. Quiz yourself about your relationship with him/her and find out if that is responsible for not developing intimacy. Quiz your partner’s mind about his/her opinion. Quiz yourself about how to develop intimacy. Begin with small steps and watch the results. If you are happy with the initial results, please go deeper in the relationship and enjoy life.


Do You Know The Ingredients Needed For Winning Women?

Every man has a woman of his dreams. He wants to win over her. He thinks about her and gets no peace till he wins over her. The woman may not be responding to him? He may be getting mixed signals from her/ he may not be sure about how to approach her? He is doubtful if she is already in love with somebody else. What should he do?

Quiz your determination and ability to win over the woman of your dreams. So what if she is in love with somebody else? So what if she is giving mixed signals? So what if you are unsure about her feelings towards you? Your objective is to win her over to love you like mad. Am I right. Why not try all your best rather than rationalizing the defeat? It said that where there is a will, there is a way? Let us discuss about the ways so you can win over your woman of dreams.

The first requirement to win over your woman is – let her think of winning you. Yes, you are getting me right. Why not make yourself so desirable that she wants you rather than the other way? How to make yourself irresistible? We will discuss this in this series.

What are the ingredients that make a dish irresistible? Look at any recipe book. You will find that there is a definite proportion of all the ingredients that make a dish irresistible. Why not find out about these ingredients and make yourself irresistible? Let us first write down the ingredients. They are- confidence, charisma, personality, intelligence, sense of humor, expertise in communication and romance. We will discuss these one after another. Before concluding, let me repeat. You want to win over the woman of your dreams and you will try your best to win her over despite all the obstacles and opposition. You will create another fairy tale story. You will not surrender meekly, but fight your way out to take away the woman of your dreams from others.


Do You Feel Loved?

Many relationships break despite lot of love between the partners. It seems that love is not enough to sustain a relationship. To keep a relationship on a high much more than love is needed. Talking about love let me ask you – do you feel loved? Your partner may have lot of love for you, but do you feel it? Do you experience it?

How about your partner? Does she/he feel your love? Do you show with many gestures that you love your partner? Let us go through a quick questionnaire. How many times in a day, do you say i love you? How many times in a month you go for dinner together? How many times during a week you talk with each other without any disturbance? How many times you go for a walk without any reason? How many gifts do you buy for your partner in a month? How many roses did you give on last Valentines Day? Do you go for work no your partners birthday or enjoy the whole day with them?

These are few questions I have raised to find out whether you express your love. It is good to love and better to express it. Please find out answers for all these questions about your partner also. If you find that they do not express love, you will get a clue to why you may be getting little dissatisfied in your relationship.

Expressing love is very important. The variety that you use to express your love will bring more excitement to your relationship. Unexpectedly announcing a holiday and a outing can give a thrill that is difficult to be matched by words. Actions speak louder than words and words express what is in our heart. Express and show to your partner that you love them and you care for their happiness and quality of life.

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