Is It Possible To Save Your Relationship Or Your Marriage?

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Now I want to tell you, Yes! You can bring back the love of your life!… No matter how stubborn the resistance, no matter how far this person may be from you, no matter how hopeless your situation appears! I’ll teach you the time-tested and proven strategies in which you can learn and apply right away to improve your love relationship!

Human beings only want what they do not have.

Human beings resist things which control or restrict them.

Human beings love themselves more than anything else.

To start off, you have to first learn and remember the above very important principles regarding human
nature. To a certain extent, these principles apply to everyone, including you and me!

Do not show that you are craving for your spouse’s or lover’s presence. No matter how much you want your lover or your spouse to be by your side, or to be back by your side, more craving and clinging will only make that person even more tired and sick of seeing you or being with you.

Instead, cultivate the attitude, habit and behavior such that you do not need that person to be around for your happiness or joy. You really do not need another person’s presence or approval to experience happiness and peace. If you learn to cultivate this type of attitude and habit, you will find that your lover will be the ones who would become scared! They would become fearful of losing you! Remember the principle : Humans tend to want what they do not have!

If your lover or spouse is seeing someone other than yourself, do not stop them seeing other people! Have a rival around? Here’s what you must do. Do not stop your partner seeing other people. If you complain, and whine, and nag, I can tell you, the more they will want to see the other person!

Why? They can’t stand your complaining, and whining, and nagging! If you want to stop them from having something that they want, all the more they will want it! Humans tend to want what they do not have. So, if you try to stop them seeing another person, all the more they will want to be with that person! To them, it’ll be such a challenge if you try to stop them. If they ever win that person, they’ll feel victorious about it!

And guess what, you are the one challenging them that they will not have what they want! Remember, fighting to win back the one you love almost guarantee your failure. So, what you have to do is to give them freedom of choice! Let them feel that you are the better person to be around with than your rival since you respect their freedom and their choices!

Do not restrict your lover or your spouse Humans tend to resist things or people who control or restrict them!

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Respect your partner’s decisions or wishes to do whatever he/she wants to do during a particular day or during a particular time. If he/she wants to go out with somebody else today, let them be! If he/she does not want to see you today, let them be! The more you do not give them your attention, guess what, they’ll want your attention back! They’ll start missing it! And they’ll desperately want it back.

On the other hand, the more you give them attention, the more they’ll feel that you want to control them, to restrict them, and the result is, they’ll resist it, they’ll fight back! This will only hurt the relationship between the two of you.

If you want to change the mind of your spouse or lover regarding anything, you must not say “But I love you…” I can tell you, telling them that and emphasizing how much you love them is not going to make them change their mind.

When you say “But I love you…”, your are actually telling your partner that you want him/her to do something your way! Not his/her way.

Remember that “Humans tend to love themselves more than anything else!”. When you say “I love you…”, you are actually loving yourself more. You want your partner to do things which will satisfy your ego, thus you want your partner to do things your way. And your partner knows it! He/She is not going to change his/her mind just because you tell them “I love you…”

If you want your partner to do certain things your way, you must not say to your partner “But I have done these and these for you…”

Avoid bringing up the past about what you have done for him or her. The past is already gone. Emphasizing how much you have done for your partner will only tell him/her that he/she has to do things your way because that is the price they have to pay for all that you have helped them done in the past.

The more you say this, the more your partner will want to drift away from you or leave you. He or she will be too scared to be with you as they know their movement is restricted by how much they can repay you.
So, at all costs, avoid giving them the feeling that they have to pay a price just to be with you! No one in this world likes to be controlled or restricted by another person!

Avoid saying things like “But it’s your responsibility….” Your partner will not like to be tied down by responsibility or duties. When it comes to relationship, there are no rules. Love is unconditional. By emphasizing too much on responsibility, you are going to turn your partner off.

He or she will not want to be with somebody who wants to impose rules and regulations on them. So, it is your job and responsibility to see that you give your partner no excuse to leave you for another person. So, what exactly must you say if you want to change the mind of your partner to make them do things your way, or see things your way?

Firstly, emphasize the strong points if they see things your way. Let them know, what are the benefits and advantages of doing and seeing things your way. Give them clear explanations.

Secondly, remember your partner is not concerned about what others want. He or she is not concerned about what you want. He/she is more concerned about what he/she wants and what he/she can receive. Many times, they are not against your ideas, or whatever it is you want, but they are actually against your disregarding their freedom of choice.

So, give them what they want. Give them freedom of choice. Let them know they have the freedom to decide what they want to believe in or what they do not want to believe in. And let them know they have the freedom to choose what they want to do, and what they do want to do.

The magical words you can tell them are “Yes! I understand what you are saying. Why not you try it / do it…”. “Yes” is the magical word which connects you and your partner instantly.

“I understand…” shows you are with your partner, you are listening them out, and you respect their decision. “Why not you try it / do it …” tells them you support their decision or choice, even though you are not in favor of it.

If you have a rival, always remember, the person who can give your partner more freedom of choice will most likely be the one your partner wants to be with most. If you keep all the above principles in mind, you are likely to have more success in changing your partner’s mind and make them do things your way.

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