How To Survive a First Date

How To Survive a First Date (and Guarantee a Second One)

First dates can be daunting but this article will offer a few tips for not only surviving a first date but also guaranteeing a second date. You can not only survive your first date but ensure a second one by carefully planning the date while remaining flexible, being tidy, polite and courteous, being relaxed and honest on your date, being committed to having a good time and sharing about yourself without monopolizing the conversation. These tips will help you survive your first date and also go a long way towards securing a second date.

Careful planning will help you to survive your first date and may lay the groundwork for a second date. Make sure you have planned out the date ahead of time and made arrangements to ensure that the date runs smoothly. On a first date it is best not to leave anything to chance or to rely on making on the spot decisions about what to do next because doing so can create uncomfortable moments on the date. Don’t just plan out what you would like to do on the date but also map out the best routes to arrive at your destinations and pre-arrange any necessary reservations so you don’t wind up not being able to find your destination or waiting a long time for an activity. While careful preparation before the date will ensure that everything runs smoothly and will eliminate any unnecessary tension on the date you may still need to remain flexible. Despite your best efforts, you may suffer a snag in your plans and being flexible and willing to adapt your plans will prevent you and your date from being frustrated on the date. Your date will be impressed that you went to so much trouble in planning the date and will be flattered by your efforts.

Key characteristics for surviving a first date include tidiness, politeness and courteousness. While these characteristics are important in any dating situation they are particularly important on a first date. This is your opportunity to make a first impression that your date will admire so go all out in trying to impress your date. Put extra effort into your personal appearance and strive to remain polite and courteous at all times during your first date. Showing your date that you respect them by taking pride in your appearance and treating them with respect will help you to not only survive a first date but also guarantee a second one.

If you want to survive a first date and guarantee a second one, it’s important to be relaxed and honest during your date. If you are tense or evasive during your date, your date may not trust you and will not be comfortable on the date or eager to go on a second date with you. If you try to be something you are not, your date will most likely see through your charade and will be put off by your dishonesty. Additionally, they most likely will not be interested in pursuing a second date. However if you relax during your date and are completely honest your personality will shine through and impress your date enough to entice them to be interested in a second date.

Committing to having a good time on your date will help you to survive a first date and guarantee a second date. If you go into a first date with apprehensions or prejudices you will find yourself not having a good time. It is extremely difficult to have a good time if you aren’t open to the experience. On the other hand if you are truly optimistic and are looking forward to your first date, you and your date will most likely wind up having a great time. Your optimism and attitude will be infectious and will ensure that both you and your date have a great time on the first date and are eager for a second.

Finally truly being interested in sharing details of your personal life and learning more about your date will ensure that you survive a first date. If you don’t open up to your date and show them who you really are, they will most likely not be interested in a second date with your or even sharing much about themselves on the first date. If you are not afraid to share personal information about yourself and are open to listening to what your date has to say, you will have a very successful first date.

Many singles find themselves nervous and apprehensive on a first date because they worry about how they will get through the date and whether or not this first date will lead to future dates. It’s okay to be nervous about a first date but following the advice in this article can enable you to not only survive a first date but also guarantee yourself a second date.

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How To Survive Meeting Her Friends

No matter how long you have been with the woman in your life meeting her friends can still be stressful. While your relationship may be thriving it is important to understand that meeting her friends can either make or break your relationship. It is important to remember that her friends are very important to her and that their opinion of you may have an affect on her opinion of you. Making a good impression on her friends and gaining their trust will ensure that they don’t do anything that can be detrimental to your relationship.

Having confidence and introducing yourself to your wife or girlfriend’s friends is the first step to survive meeting her friends. You already realize that these people are important to the woman in your life so go ahead and take the initiative and introduce yourself. This is critical because it lets them know right away that you have confidence and that you are not intimidated by them. It may also impress them by letting them know that you are interested in getting to know them and that you aren’t simply putting on a charade because your wife or girlfriend is insisting that you meet them.

Once you have become acquainted with her friends, be sure to remember their names. If you aren’t good with names, use whatever association tricks you have to and make sure you don’t mix up their names later on in the conversation. They may all dress and act alike but being unable to distinguish them sends the message that you aren’t really interested in getting to know them. Calling one of your girlfriend’s friends by the wrong name can be almost as damaging as calling your girlfriend by the wrong name. Not only will the friend be insulted and no longer rooting for you and her friend to get along but your girlfriend may be hurt that you couldn’t even be bothered to remember her friend’s name.

Another tip for surviving meeting the friends of your wife or girlfriend is truly involve yourself in their conversations instead of just being there and trying to stay out of the conversation. Like taking the initiative in introducing yourself, this also conveys the message that you are interested in getting to know them. Taking an active part of the conversation demonstrates that you are listening intently and that you care about what they have to say. Your girlfriend will appreciate the effort you are making to get to know her friends and more importantly her friends will not have a reason not to like you, at least initially.

It’s important to not ignore your girlfriend when you are with her friends if you want to survive meeting her friends. She may want you to take an interest in her friends but if you go too far and alienate your girlfriend you may doom your relationship. Getting along with her friends is one thing but if she senses you are flirting with them, she may become jealous and it can cause problems in your relationship. Exercise caution when meeting your girlfriend’s friends and take an interest in getting to know them but do not go overboard and appear too interested in her friends.

Still another tip for surviving meeting the friends of your girlfriend is to listen carefully in your initial meeting and try to retain as much information about them as possible. After the meeting when you are alone with your girlfriend make a casual comment or ask a question relating to your earlier meeting with her friends. This will let your girlfriend know that you really were listening and that you have a genuine interest in befriending her friends.

Your girlfriend’s friends will play an important role in whether or not your relationship with her survives. Women value the opinions of their friends greatly and if you don’t make a good impression on her friends, they may convince her that you aren’t right for her. It’s important to make a genuine effort to get to know her friends because their opinion of you can either make or break your relationship with your girlfriend. It is important to start a courteous and respectful relationship with them because you will most likely be spending quite a bit of time with them while you are with your girlfriend.


How To Survive Meeting Her Parents

Meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time can be difficult but it’s important to remember that impressing her parent’s may be crucial to your relationship. While meeting her parents may seem like a big step, it may not be as monumental as it appears. Women value the relationships they have with their families and respect the opinions of family members regarding their boyfriends. Wanting you to meet her parents may be more about getting their opinions on you as it is about making a serious commitment. Consequently, it is in your best interest to do everything in your power to impress her parents.

Doing your homework and asking your girlfriend plenty of questions about her parents before the initial meeting is the first step to surviving meeting her parents. This gives you the opportunity to learn a little about her parents before you even meet them. This preparation will pay off immensely because it will enable you to avoid anything that you know will be a touchy subject and brush up on subjects that are of interest to them. Knowing a little about their interest beforehand will give you a chance to bring up some of these interests to impress her parents. A bonus to this tactic is that your girlfriend will be flattered that you are showing an interest in her parents before you even meet. A few tidbits of personal information obtained before the initial meeting will really help you to survive meeting your girlfriend’s parents.

When the day of the meeting arrives, be sure to dress to impress but also dress appropriately. A sloppy appearance may be damaging to your potential relationship with your girlfriend’s parents because they may be insulted by your appearance before you even open your mouth to speak. Failing to take care in your appearance is a sign of disrespect to many people so exercise caution and dress nicely for your first meeting with your girlfriend’s parents. Taking care in your appearance is important to surviving a meeting with your girlfriend’s parents but dressing appropriately for the situation is also important. For example a pair of dress pants and a button down shirt would be appropriate for a lunch meeting but would look ridiculous on a tennis court. Be sure to know exactly what is planned for the meeting so that you can not only dress well for the occasion but also appropriately. It’s important to remember that first impressions do count and that a well groomed appearance can help you survive meeting your girlfriend’s parents.

Bringing an appropriate gift on your first meeting may also help you to survive meeting the parents of your girlfriend. A little bribery never hurt so try to find out what they might like so that you can choose an appropriate gift. If you are unable to obtain information about what type of gift they would like, flowers are always a welcomed gift and are very appropriate in this situation. Bringing a small gift when you meet your girlfriend’s parents can help you get the relationship off on the right foot.

Take care to avoid conversation topics that can be controversial. In general religion, politics and sex are topics to avoid. The last thing that you want to do is to spend your first meeting debating political issues. While this may be an activity you normally enjoy, getting involved in a heated debate with your girlfriend’s parents is definitely not a good idea. Keep the conversation light and you will most likely survive meeting her parents.

Finally, try not to be too affectionate with your girlfriend when meeting her parents. While she may be a grown woman, she is also their daughter and many parents would not be comfortable with overt displays of affection. Too much affection can send the wrong message to her parents and put them on guard regarding you. This can be detrimental to your relationship with your girlfriend because she will sense tension between you and her parents.

If you want to ensure a long lasting relationship with your girlfriend it is important to establish a good relationship with her parents. Creating a good first impression and not giving them any reason not to like you, will lead them to approve of you and not send their daughter any subtle signals that they don’t think you are right for her. It is likely that your girlfriend will be influenced by her parent’s opinions so establishing a good relationship with them is critical to your relationship with your girlfriend.

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How To Survive Meeting His Friends

The first time you meet your boyfriend’s friends can be nerve wracking. You may be nervous about whether or not they will like you, whether or not you will be able to make polite conversation with them and how their opinions of you will affect your relationship with your boyfriend. These are all valid concerns but it’s important to remember that the fact that he has wants you to meet his friends already means that things are going pretty well. For men, introducing a girlfriend to their friends is a very important step in a relationship. It says that he cares enough about you to feel comfortable introducing you to his friends as his girlfriend and that he subconsciously is seeking their approval of you. While men may not talk as openly and freely to their friends as women do, they still value the opinions of their friends so getting along with his friends is critical to your relationship.

The most important way to survive meeting his friends is to relax and just be you. Men are not as critical or judgmental as women are so there is no need to be phony or pretend to be something you are not. His friends will appreciate a genuine attitude and will be more willing to accept you for what you are. For example if you know you will be meeting to watch a football game and you don’t know the first thing about football, don’t try searching the Internet for information in an attempt to sound more knowledgeable about the subject. Men will see through this façade and it will lower their opinion of your. Instead be honest and let them know that you don’t know anything about the sport and ask them to explain what is going on in the game. They will appreciate your honesty and will be flattered that you are asking for their assistance. Men are more laid back than women in terms of their friendships so when meeting his friends just relax and be yourself.

Another tip to survive meeting his friends is to not go into the meeting with any expectations that you and his friends will hit it off instantly and become best friends. You may expect to immediately strike up a relationship with them that parallels your relationships with your female friends but these expectations can be over ambitious. While women value conversation and thoughtful discussions in their friendships, men take a more relaxed approach to their friendships. Don’t be offended if his friends don’t seem overly talkative or interested in chatting with you. This is not necessarily a sign that they don’t like you but may just mean that they are not used to a lot of conversation. Understanding that men are not as talkative, especially initially, as women will help you to survive meeting his friends by keeping you from jumping to the conclusion that they don’t like you.

While it is important not to be too talkative when you meet his friends, it’s also important not to be too quiet or reserved. Talking too much can make you seem insincere and nosy but being too quiet can make you seem snobbish. Don’t be afraid to participate in the conversations that your boyfriend and his friends are having but don’t try to dominate the conversation either. Don’t expect your boyfriend’s friends to go out of their way to include you in their conversation but also don’t be afraid to jump in uninvited and offer your opinions. If you just stand quietly by your boyfriend and don’t make the effort to get involved you will probably wind up feeling like an outsider and his friends will think that you are stuck-up and not interested in talking to them.

Perhaps the most important tip for surviving meeting your boyfriend’s friends is to not embarrass him with baby talk or pet names around his friends. While he might not mind this behavior when it is just the two of you, he will likely be embarrassed by it in front of his friends. Over the top displays of affection and demonstrative pet names may lead to your boyfriend receiving a lot of teasing from his friends. This can really hurt your relationship with your boyfriend because if they pick on him too much about your behavior, he may begin to pull away from you just to avoid the relentless teasing from his friends. A woman’s friends may tell her outright that they don’t approve of her boyfriend but a man’s friends don’t operate quite the same way. If they disapprove of his relationship, they will often just tease him relentlessly until he ends the relationship on his own accord. If you don’t want to hurt your relationship with your boyfriend, take precautions not to do anything that will embarrass him in front of his friends and lead to their disapproval of you.

Meeting your boyfriend’s friends for the first time can be a critical point in your relationship. It’s important to remember that if they don’t approve of you, they may unintentionally lead your boyfriend to sever ties with you. Conversely, their approval can reaffirm your boyfriend’s feelings that you are right for him. Meeting his friends for the first time can be scary but being honest, being interested in them without being too talkative and not doing anything to embarrass your boyfriend will help you to survive meeting his friends.

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How To Survive Meeting His Parents

You may not be looking forward to meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time but this is a crucial moment in your relationship and it’s very important that you make a good first impression. A woman may be apt to introduce her new boyfriend to her parents earlier in a relationship than a man introduces his girlfriend to his parents. This is because women talk more openly about their lives to their parents so they most likely view this meeting as just a chance for three important people in her life to get together and meet. Men, on the other hand, are less likely to talk openly to their parents so to them introducing their girlfriend is a monumental step that indicates that his new girlfriend is serious. While this is a huge step in a relationship, it’s important to remember that his parents are no different than any other people you have met in your lifetime, so just be yourself and you will survive this meeting unscathed.

Since this is such an important step in a relationship, it’s important to realize that your boyfriend’s parents also recognize the significance of this meeting and will be observing you closely during this meeting. However, don’t let this intimidate you as your boyfriend already loves you so there is no real reason for his parents not to feel the same way. Understand that they will be scrutinizing you but also know that being yourself and not putting on any false airs is the best way to survive meeting his parents. If you have been true to yourself thus far in your relationship with your boyfriend then he already approves of your personality and character traits so don’t be afraid to let the real you shine through when meeting his parents. They are most likely similar to him in personality so if he likes you rest assured that they will too as long as you are up front and honest with them.

In meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time, it’s important to let him take the lead in discussing the status of the relationship. While the two of you may have already begun discussing marriage or moving in together, he may not be ready to share this information with his parents yet. Don’t make the assumption that he has already discussed your relationship with them and that he is comfortable letting them know what stage your relationship is at and what plans you have the future. Bringing up topics that he is not yet ready to share with his parents can make the situation awkward for everyone involved. Just follow his lead and don’t offer any information about your future plans unless your boyfriend brings up the subject.

Another key to survive meeting his parents is to understand that he is allowed to be critical of them but you are not. Your boyfriend may complain incessantly about his parents but deep inside he knows that he loves them and is just venting about certain things that may bother him. He may leave their house after the meeting complaining about the way his mother asked a lot of nosy questions about your relationship but if you jump in and are critical of his mother he may quickly become defensive. Even if you are just agreeing with what he is saying, he may still be offended by your opinions. Understand that your boyfriend loves his parents and may be bothered by them at times but that it is not acceptable for you to be critical of them. Of course, if they do or say something outright to offend you, it is acceptable to stick up for yourself and let them know their words or actions are unacceptable.

Avoiding controversial issues is also critical to surviving meeting your boyfriend’s parents. Topics that elicit a highly emotional response are never a good idea when meeting someone new for the first time. If you have opposing viewpoints, then things can become heated and uncomfortable very quickly. Even if you feel the same way about the issue, it may lead to the topic dominating the conversation and the four of you not really getting a chance to talk about anything else or really get to know each other. Steering clear of emotionally charged issues when meeting your boyfriend’s parents will keep the meeting calm and help things to go smoothly.

Meeting your boyfriend’s parents is a critical step in a relationship. Wanting to introduce you to his parents lets them know that he considers the relationship to be pretty serious and that he is hoping that you can all get along. While he is not necessarily seeking their approval of you, knowing that you can get along with his parents can be a big step in your relationship. Many men are non-confrontational in their relationships so if it’s clear that you and his parents don’t get along, he may become wary of your relationship because he doesn’t want to end up spending a great deal of time getting the three of you to learn to get along. After all they have been a part of his life for a long time and will continue to be a part of his life so severing ties with you may be easier than doing so with them.

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