How to Not Be Awkward Around Girls You Like

Do pretty girls and attractive women make you feel more nervous than women that you’re not attracted to?

Why does that happen?

Well, one of the main things that causes a guy to feel awkward around girls he likes is when he actively suppresses his emotions and expressions.

Why does he do that?

He worries that she might not like certain things that he says, or expressions he makes to show his true emotions about something, so he goes into his shell or presents a watered-down version of his personality.

As a result, the interaction doesn’t feel good for him or the girl.

He might actually be a cool, confident guy deep down, but he can’t seem to bring that to the surface when talking to girls he likes.

As a result, he ends up coming across as awkward and he and the girl find it difficult to connect with each other.

The thing is, they may have been a great match and a relationship between them could have been amazing.

Yet, if they can’t connect properly and the girl feels turned off his nervousness around her, then he will rarely get the result with girls that he really wants.

So, if you have found that you tend to feel normal and confident around girls that you’re NOT attracted to, but nervous or awkward around girls that you ARE attracted to, then what can you do about it?

One thing you can do right away is to start letting your real mood flow. (Watch video for examples).

Honestly express yourself.

Let your real, cool personality come to the surface and flow from you.

Initially when you do use that approach you might make some mistakes, but if you continue you will discover your real self and become completely comfortable expressing it.

Better still, you will attract women you like you and love you for YOU.

That right there is a priceless feeling.

Nothing beats waking up next to a beautiful girl you really likes you who are and has fallen in love with you for YOU.

It’s such a relief that you really can be yourself and have a beautiful girl love for it.

Have you ever found that, when you’re around girls that you’re not attracted to or you’re not trying to pick up that, you can relax and be yourself right, you’re at ease and you’re, not worrying about whether or not the girl likes you because you’re not trying to Get it or like you yet, if you’re around a girl that you really like, and you want to attract her, so you can hook up with her sexually or have her as your girlfriend, then suddenly you start behaving like a nervous or awkward version of yourself.

You know that you could be a lot cooler, more confident and relaxed around her, but you can’t seem to do it. You feel tense and doubt that she would like you for you, so you might then start being nicer than you normally are or more polite than you normally are or want to be, which ends up making you come across as awkward to her. Something just doesn’t feel right, so her guard goes up, so why does this tend to happen? The most around girls that you really like?

One of the main reasons why it happens is when a guy suppresses his emotions and expressions around the girl that he likes. This means that a guy will suppress or hide how he feels about things and, as a result, his body, language, behavior and conversation will feel awkward to him and to the girl. She will sense that he is hiding how he feels about things and trying to behave in a way that he hopes she will like. Yet it just won’t feel right for either of them. As a result, they will find it difficult to connect with each other or to have an interaction that flows naturally and leads to kissing sex and a relationship.

So essentially, if you want to stop being awkward around girls that you really like, then you have to let your real mood flow right rather than hiding it rather than suppressing your emotions. So what some examples of suppressing emotions or hiding feelings when talking to a girl number one feeling nervous and then trying to hide it by being quiet or unexpressive. So if a guy is talking to a girl that he really likes – and he is feeling nervous, he might go into his shell and not be as talkative or as expressive as he normally would be around friends, for example.

As a result, the conversation won’t flow smoothly and the interaction will start to feel a bit awkward and forced they won’t be connecting as well as they could be. An insecure girl. Might then wonder if the guy finds her attractive or not or if he actually has a real interest in her? She may assume that he doesn’t feel enough attraction for her and, as a result, he just can’t really get into the conversation. He doesn’t feel motivated because there isn’t enough of a spark between them.

Yet, for the most part, girls will notice that the guy is being awkward and they’ll then put two and two together to realize that he’s probably feeling nervous and unsure of himself and that’s going to turn the girl off most attractive. Girls, don’t want to be with a guy who is intimidated by them and is going to be really nervous when kissing them or having sex with them or meeting their friends and family and so on.

Right most attractive. Girls want to be able to get themselves a confident guy, so what kind of guy do instead of being quiet and starting to be unexpressive when he feels nervous around a girl that he likes well, what you need to understand is that you’re going to look more Confident to her and you’re going to be more attractive and appealing as a result, if you just go with the flow of the conversation while feeling a bit of nervousness on the inside versus you trying to hide your nervousness around her by becoming quiet and unexpressive.

When you allow yourself to just go with the flow of the conversation when talking to a girl that you like, while feeling a bit nervous on the inside you’ll notice, that girls feel more attracted to you, they’re more interested and conversations continue as a result. You’ll start to believe in yourself and your ability to go with the flow of a conversation and as a result that nervousness that you used to feel on the inside. That then caused you to behave in awkward ways will start to wither away. You’ll start to be able to talk to girls in a confident manner, you’ll be able to express who you really are, and you won’t feel nervousness on the inside.

The next example of hiding how you feel or suppressing your emotions is only saying what you think she wants to hear, rather than saying what you really want to say. For example, a guy is talking to a girl that he likes and she asks him the question. So have you seen any good movies lately now he hasn’t seen any good movies lately. In fact, he has gone to some movies with a friend and he’s been quite disappointed with the movies that he’s seen. He usually loves movies, but he hasn’t seen any good ones.

Lately yet when she asks him the question so have you seen any good movies lately, he doesn’t want to give a negative response. He just wants to appear as though he’s happy and positive about everything he doesn’t want to seem like a negative type of guy. Yet what he doesn’t realize is that girls and people in general prefer people who are real right. It’s not about being negative all the time or positive all the time, but It’s about being real. So, rather than being real and saying something like this now I haven’t seen any good ones. Lately, you know I usually love movies, but lately they’ve been kind of boring.

What movies have you seen? He says something like this: um yeah yeah seen a few movies yeah been quite good. Then the girl asks him which movie he saw. He then tells her and she said that movie sucked. He then says something like this: oh yeah yeah. I mean it. Wasn’T that good? Oh, it was all right. She then feels turned off by the fact that he isn’t being real with her and he is changing his opinion on the fly based on what she is saying right. He doesn’t have the confidence to just tell her for real that he hasn’t seen any good movies lately.

He thinks that he needs to put on an act for her and pretend to be this super positive guy, all the time everything’s great in his life, he goes and sees a movie they’re all great. He goes here or there that’s great. No some places are great. Some places suck some places are okay, some movies are great, some movies suck. Some are okay, that’s reality, and you have to let your real mood flow. If you want to avoid being awkward around girls that you like, the same rule applies. If a girl asks you whether or not you’ve seen any good movies lately you have, the thing is sometimes a guy will have seen a great movie, but he won’t want to answer with too much emotion or enthusiasm because he thinks that it may make him seem.

Uncool, like he’s so into a particular movie, and maybe the girl will think that he doesn’t have much going on in his life and that’s why he’s so enthusiastic about a movie, but that is overthinking it. You just need to express some emotion and be real. So, for example, if you had seen a great movie lately, you can say something like this yeah. You know what I have last week. I went to see a movie with a friend and it was one of those movies that is so intense and draws you in that when you leave the cinema after it, you walk out and you’re like alright.

I forgot that the world was like this. You know you get so drawn into that particular movie that it pretty much changes. Your perception during that time was pretty intense. Another example is to say something like this yeah. I saw a really good movie last week, one of the best I’ve seen in ages. In both of those examples, the girl is almost certainly going to ask you what the movie was, and you can then tell her. It doesn’t need to be an overly enthusiastic and serious conversation about the movie, but it can be if you want to write. What is your real mood about the movie? What do you really feel about it? Did you really like the movie?

Do you want to talk about a particular scene or a particular plot twist or whatever then talk about that say what you really want to say, rather than just saying what you think she wants to hear the third example of hiding emotions or suppressing feelings when talking To a girl that you like is not reacting to her with genuine emotion so, for example, a guy’s talking to a girl that he likes and she is in a bit of a silly mood right, she’s, saying silly things and behaving in silly ways. Yet he doesn’t say anything about it. He doesn’t really react to it.

He stays pretty much unexpressive and he sort of acts like It’s not happening. He doesn’t really know how to deal with it and he doesn’t really want to deal with it, because he is worried that if he says something about it or he reacts to it, that she might decide not to hang out with him and then he won’t get To spend any time with her, so he just remains fairly unexpressive. Yet the girl knows that if she was around a confident guy who believed in himself and wasn’t on his best behavior trying to impress her, then he would say something about that, or at least react to her silly behavior with his body language.

Additionally, he might even playfully say something like this to her look at you. You can’t sit still for a second. How many Red Bulls have you had huh calm down for a second girl or something like this? Well someone’s a little ball of energy today? Aren’T they you’re full of energy? I like it. Essentially. What you have to understand is that when you’re around a girl that you like you, don’t have to be perfect, you can be positive about things. You can be neutral about things. You can be negative about some things and so on. Of course you don’t to focus on the negative and be a downer around a girl that you like, but you have to feel free to be your real self around her.

If you try to hide how you really feel about something Ben you’re not going to be happy with yourself, you’re, not gonna feel good about yourself, and she is going to sense that you’re not being a real self around her she’s, not getting to know the Real you and, as a result, It’s difficult to connect with you. The thing is you’re most likely a cool, interesting guy deep down, but you have to let that come to the surface and then let that flow from you. Yes, you might make some mistakes when you start to be more real, around girls that you like, but as you do it, you will find your real self and you’ll be able to express your real self, not only when you’re, interacting with girls that you really like.

But with people in general and what you’ll find is that people, like you so much more, There’s so much more attracted to you and drawn to you because they can see, and they can sense that they’re interacting with the real version of you. Ok, I hope you enjoyed this video and learn something from it. If you are one of the guys who finds it difficult to be confident around girls that you like make them feel attracted, keep conversations going and things to the next level, such as kissing and sex.

Then I recommend that you read my ebook the flow or listen to the audiobook version, the flow on audio when you use the flow techniques. Your interactions with girls quickly flow from one step to the next. The flow is the easiest way to get laid or get a girlfriend. One final point that I want to make for you in this video is that if a girl feels like she is responsible for you feeling nervous and tense around her, she will usually want to end the interaction rather than continuing to make you feel that way.

The thing is you and her could have been a great match and a relationship between you and her could have been amazing. But if you caused yourself to feel awkward around her by suppressing your emotions and not letting your real mood flow, then It’s going to be difficult for you and her to truly connect with each other. It’s also going to be difficult for her to feel enough attraction for you, because most girls, just don’t want to be with a guy who is very nervous and unsure of himself around her when you feel free to express positive, neutral and negative emotions when interacting with The girl that you like, not only do you feel better because you’re being your real self, but you also feel happy about the fact that she likes you for you right. She also feels great that she’s connecting with the real you she can sense that you’re being real with her, you have the confidence to be your real self around her and who you really are is interesting and appealing to her.

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