How To Impress Your Date

Here’s how to impress a date without looking overzealous, pompous, or awkward. Anyone can do it,
provided you have confidence in yourself. I will also help to bring her flowers, to show her how special
you feel she is.


1. Remember who you are, and remember who you are trying to impress. Do not try to be someone
else, because your fraudulence will shine through.

2. Hold his/her attention with funny anecdotes and stories, but no corny jokes. It may lead to an
awkward moment. Laughing often breaks the ice, and everyone loves someone with a sense of
humor. Most people love funny stories, but nothing too dirty, especially on a first date.

3. Dress and look sophisticated. Unless you are taking her to the beach, you probably should not be
wearing flip-flops or shorts on a first date. No matter what you do for a living, let her know that you
enjoy what you do and take pride in it. Don’t be too boastful – people usually find that to be rude and

4. Do not complain about everything. Family, friends, work, boss, car, weather, taxes, and gasoline
prices should stay out of the conversation. Instead, try to smile and let them know that you are a fun
person – not someone boring who they have to talk to.

5. Buy her flowers. Girls love to receive them. If you want to get her something small instead, buy a
candle or a picture frame (not with your picture in it). You want her to know that you were thinking
about them while you were apart and that you remember what they like. Just don’t go overboard.

6. Be courteous. Hold the door and, help her with her coat, pull out chairs, do not interrupt her, do not
talk on the cellphone on a date, and do not look at other people in the room.

7. Ask her about herself. Try not to be too nosy – don’t ask any personal questions. Make her feel good
about her career, hobbies, interests, and opinions. Listen attentively, as well. People generally hate it
when they get asked the same question twice because it tells them that you were not listening the first
time. Do not pry into personal matters, and do not tell about private matters in your life.

8. Compliment her. Tell her she looks lovely, smells good, is intelligent, have a beautiful house –
anything that will make her smile. It counts.

9. Talk about your interests and be relatively open with them. Talk about her interests as well, and
try to focus on mutual interests, since both of you will be able to contribute. Who knows? She may like
the things you like and know a lot more about it than you thought they would. What about history,
cars, music, movies? Your date may very well share some of your interests, and it could make for a
great conversation and allow you both to find some common ground.

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• If you have one of those silent moments, just drop in a quote from a famous person to make her laugh
or ask her what she thinks about it. Memorize one or two key quotes.

• If you really want to impress your date, try not to take them to a bar on a first date. They might not feel
100% comfortable with it, and may not hold alcohol very well. You may have the same problem. Try a
coffee shop; it affords you both a chance to talk and get to know each other a little better. Dinner
could be nice, but probably better for a second or third date. Movies are nice, too, but allow for little
conversation time. Save the movie for a second or third date as well, and that way during the movie
you can let them lean against you or get closer, without feeling uncomfortable about it.

• For a first kiss, do not try to swallow their face. Leave a lasting positive impression by some eye
contact, perhaps a little bit of tasteful and gentle touching.

• Do not speed when driving with your date. They will not be impressed. People are more comfortable
when they are not expecting to fly through your windshield.

• Do not reach for very sexual parts of your date’s body immediately. If you want to make some
relatively early physical contacts, reach for their hand, hair, perhaps the neck but within reason, or

• Try to adjust the temperature in your car or house to accommodate your date. Do not suffer but do not
be inconsiderate, either. It is best for your date to be comfortable when they are in your environment.

• If your date has any pets, you don’t have to pick them up or play with them right away, but don’t reject
the animal immediately. However, be honest with them if you are allergic. Better safe than sorry.

• It is generally a good idea to get to know your date’s parents a bit if possible and try to make a decent

• Important – if you say you are going to call your date, call them. In addition, try not to be late to dates.



• A major cause for rejection is talking too much about past relationships.

• Do not get drunk or lose control of yourself.

• Do not get into a heated discussion over religion, politics, or money. This is not the time for it. Surely it
is acceptable to let them know some of your beliefs and opinions at some point, but not right away.

• Try not to focus on their flaws. There is a reason you asked your date out in the first place. Focus on
their good qualities.

Jason Smith

I am a Marine who now works as a Web Developer. I have five US States left to visit. I like whiskey, wine, and coffee, soaking in hot springs or in my hot tub.

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