How To Get Yourself a High-Quality Woman

Every man has a slightly different idea of what a high quality woman means to him, but there are some similarities.

For example, over the years, I’ve found that many men will list off the following traits when describing what a high quality woman means to them:

  • Beautiful
  • Intelligent
  • Down to earth
  • Easy going
  • Good sense of humor
  • Traditional/non-traditional

From there, a man will then go into specifics to further describe other qualities or traits that he wants in a woman.

For example, some guys prefer women who want to be a stay at home mother, whereas other guys like women who are into partying and never want to have a family.

Other guys prefer women who are career-driven and are mostly focused on achieving big things outside of the home.

The list goes on (watch the video for more examples). Yet, one thing is for sure…

If you want to be happy with the woman that you choose to settle down with, it’s essential that you be very clear on what a high quality woman means to you.

Then, don’t deviate from that.

Say to yourself that you won’t accept anything less than what you see as a high quality woman.

When you have that mindset, you will notice that you begin to only feel interested in the women who seem like they have the type of look, qualities and value that you want.

…and then something interesting happens.

Women can SENSE that you’re not one of those desperate guys who is trying to get pretty much ANY half decent woman.

Instead, you have enough confidence in yourself and enough self respect to have real standards, which is a very attractive trait to women.

However, don’t stop there.

If you want a high quality woman, the next step is to truly know what to say and do to make the woman feel attracted to you when you meet her, so you don’t end up missing out on the opportunities that you have along the way.

The reality is that when you’re able to create sparks of attraction as you talk to women and then quickly connect with them, you will see that women feel amazing chemistry with you and want something to happen (i.e. for you and her to exchange numbers, go on a date, kiss, have sex and start a relationship).

How can you find yourself a high quality woman who not only has the type of look that you want physically, but she also has the qualities, personality and values that you like in a woman? How can you make sure that you don’t end up settling for a woman who doesn’t really have the type of look that you really want or doesn’t really have the type of personality, the qualities or the values that you like to see in a woman?

How can you make sure that you get yourself a high-quality woman who is perfect for you? Essentially, it comes down to three main things and when you do these three main things, you get yourself a high-quality woman. Let’s begin with number one be very clear on what a high-quality woman means to you for some guys, a high-quality woman is going to mean that she is beautiful, intelligent, down-to-earth easygoing. She has a good sense of humor and she is traditional or non-traditional depending on the guy. Now the thing is many guys do have an idea of what a high-quality woman means to them.

Yet they tend to put that to the side if they get a chance with a woman who doesn’t actually meet their criteria, or they tend to forget about that when they’re meeting women and they get into the mode where they’re trying to get a chance with girls. That they talk to they’re, trying to pick up they’re trying to get lucky and, as a result, they’ll end up getting into relationships with women who aren’t their ideal, who they don’t really see as being a high-quality woman.

So It’s essential that you become clear on what a high-quality woman means to you and then don’t deviate from that. Don’T accept less than that say to yourself that you won’t accept anything less than what you see as a high-quality woman, for example. Some guys really like badass girls with attitude and see that as being high quality, whereas other guys, like sweet girl, next-door types. Some guys, like women, who are skinny, slim or slender, whereas other guys, like women, who have thick bodies with some meat on them or type with plenty of booty.

Some guys, like girls, who put a lot of effort into their appearance, whereas other guys, like girls, who don’t wear makeup and have a more natural look, some guys, like classy women, other guys like indie women, others like sporty women, others like introverted women who like to Keep to themselves and just spend time with their boyfriend. Some guys prefer women who have upper-class manners and have come from a well-to-do family, whereas other guys prefer women who have a more relaxed attitude to menace and don’t really care what kind of family or upbringing she has had.

He just wants her to be a beautiful, loving girlfriend or wife, some guys really like blonds others like brunettes, some like redheads and others like women with black hair or dark features, some guys like women who are from the same race as them. Some light to go interracial, some like women from mixed races and other guys just love all women. Some guys prefer women who love to cook clean and take care of their man as a great girlfriend or wife, whereas other guys aren’t really concerned about that and are more interested in finding themselves.

A woman who is career-driven and is interested in achieving big things outside of the home. The list goes on. Essentially, you need to be very clear about what a high-quality woman means to you. So you don’t end up accepting a woman who doesn’t meet your criteria. Number two know how to attract her and connect with her. When you meet her, the thing is, some guys can make women feel attracted to them, but they then struggle with creating the type of connection with a woman that causes her to want to get to know him more to want to give her phone number to him.

To want to go on a date with him to want to kiss him to want to have sex with him and start a relationship with him. On the other hand, some guys don’t know how to make women feel attracted to them as they talk to them and only talk to women in a friendly, neutral or nice way. As a result, There’s no spark between himself and the high-quality women they meats. The thing is: if a guy wants to get a low-quality woman, then he doesn’t really need to do much right. He just needs to show a bit of interest in her and she’s gonna be happy that a guy is interested in her.

Yet if a guy wants to get a high-quality woman, then he needs to know how to create a spark of sexual attraction inside of her and how to create the type of connection that causes her to want to get to know him more and take things To the next level, with him number three give yourself the chance to meet a high-quality woman for some guys, they’ll go through their everyday life and find women attractive in random places and situations, but they won’t do anything about it. For example, a guy will be walking through a shopping, mall and he’ll.

Look into a store, see a girl that he finds attractive and just keep walking. A guy will be sitting in a cafe or a restaurant and there’ll be a waitress there who he finds pretty, and he thinks well I’d love to have her as a girlfriend, but he doesn’t do anything about it. He just sits. There has his coffee or has his meal and then leaves the same thing applies with bars, nightclubs and parties.

Many guys will go to a bar or nightclub or party, but they won’t approach women that they see as being high quality instead they’ll either not approach women at all or just approach, women that they see as being average or low quality because they seem like easy Targets, yet by doing that, a guy will often end up getting with women that he’s not really attracted to and that he doesn’t really want to be with. Another thing is not every high-quality woman is single, yet the reality is that not every relationship lasts right.

Many relationships end in a breakup which results in many women becoming single again and trying to find themselves a boyfriend. So whether It’s a case of you going through your everyday life and seeing women that you find attractive during the day or It’s you going out to bars or parties, you have to give yourself the chance to meet the high-quality woman. If you don’t give yourself the chance, then you can’t get her. The reality is that 99.999 9 % of the high-quality women that you find attractive, don’t even know that you exist.

How are you gonna get that high-quality woman if she doesn’t even know that you exist right? The only way to let her see that you exist is to have an interaction with her you’ve got to be able to talk to her and create a spark create a connection with her and take things to the next level. The thing is, you could meet the type of high-quality woman that you want. The first time you try, but it might take you five tries it might take. You 10 tries. Yet, if you don’t give yourself the chance to meet her, then she’s, almost certainly not gonna know that you exist as a result.

You might end up thinking that all the good women are taken or that It’s not possible for you to get a high-quality woman, because the only women who seem to be interested in you are the ones that you don’t see as being high quality. Yet the reality is that you’re, probably not giving yourself enough of a chance to meet high-quality women in person. The thing is, in most cases, guys that you see who’ve been able to get themselves a pretty girlfriend and settle down are simply the ones who gave themselves a chance with her. The guy talked to her, so he could then attractor connect with her and start a relationship.

Okay. I hope you enjoyed this video and learned something from it. If you are one of the guys who finds it difficult to attract women when you talk to them or if you find it difficult to connect with women or take things to the next level, then I recommend that you read my ebook the flow or listen to The audiobook version the flow on audio the flow is everything that you need to know to go from hello to sex.

With a woman that you find attractive, you will learn exactly what to say and do to attract women connect with them and take things to the next level. When you follow the steps of the flow, you and a woman will flow effortlessly from one step to the next. It’s the easiest way to get laid or get a girlfriend. One final point that I want to make for you in this video is this: don’t assume that a high quality woman is more confident than you have a look at this comment from a guy on one of my videos. Recently, he went on a date with a girl that he saw as being a solid 10 out of 10. She was acting nervous and a bit weird on the date because of how attracted she felt to him.

He actually thought that she was out of his league, but he decided to just give it a try and continue moving the interaction forward and, in the end she became his girlfriend. What’s important to understand and remember as a man is that many women are insecure and anxious, but usually put on a great act of seeming like they are fine. Likewise, some women will act weird and nervous when interacting with a guy, for the first time or on a date, and a guy will often think that it means she doesn’t like him when, in fact, she is just feeling nervous and unsure of herself around him.

This also applies to a high number of the women that you see as being high quality. I don’t assume that, because you feel attracted to her that she must be ultra-confident, and she must think that you would love to get a chance with her. In many cases, women that you see as being pretty beautiful and high quality are actually insecure. They actually feel insecure about certain parts of their body about certain facial features that they have about their tits and so on. For example, she might think that our tits are too big, too small or she might not like the shape of them.

She might not like her nose her hips, her butt, her thighs and so on. Right. The reality is that many women are insecure and in many cases It’s women that you look at as being high quality. So don’t count yourself out. If you want a woman that you see as being high quality, then at least give yourself a chance. Talk to her make her feel attracted connect with her and start a relationship.

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