How To Get a Girlfriend

It is usually harder for guys to get a girlfriend than it is for girls to get a boyfriend. For all those who haven’t been lucky in the love department, follow these steps to become attractive to women.


1. Have good personal hygiene. You don’t have to be Brad Pitt to get a girl. For the most part, just caring
about how you are is enough. Wear clothes that fit, and make sure your body is clean. (Keep clean
Teeth, trim nails, Tidy Hair, No Unibrows, etc…)

2. Keep up a good posture, walk steadily and smile. Women do not like slouchers. Bad posture gives the
impression of low confidence. Smiling makes a guy more friendly and welcoming. A good walking
style,(straight back, a hand in the pocket and taking well-distanced strides) gives the impression of

3. Wearing a large amount of cologne is Not a good idea, wearing 2 or more different types of cologne is
an even worse idea, and always remember with your smell, a little goes a Long way.

4. Pick a location frequented by a significant number of girls where you feel fairly comfortable, perhaps a
place that is conducive to a skill of yours: music, public speaking, or a private intimate conversation.
Go out and have a good time. Guys who stare and walk around constantly looking for women
immediately lower their value. Go out with your friends to a bar or club (or any public place, such as a
bookstore, if you’re more of the studious type) and start out by genuinely having a good time. The
Internet does not count.

5. Be funny. If you’re not naturally funny, don’t try too hard around her. Pitch jokes to other people first
and see how the jokes do with them. If you get no laughs there, just pray, because it’s gonna be hard
winning a girl without humor.

6. “Plant some seeds”. Flirt casually with waitresses. Make a passing comment and smile to a girl
walking by. Toast a woman at the bar. Then go back to having a good time with your friends. In a
short time, you’ll notice women slowly gravitating to you.

7. Qualify them. Don’t be a jerk about it… but in a fun, playful way, make her prove her value to you.
Something as simple as “Are you open-minded? Cool, because I like open-minded people.”

8. Talk. Silence is uncomfortable. (On the other hand, women or men who do nothing but talk and never
listen can be annoying.)

9. Learn how to flirt. Flirting is an art, and is easily the most important social skill for men to learn. Try
taking a comedy class, or talk to her like she’s your little sister…but do so with a smile, so she will
know you are kidding.

10. Connect with her. Find out what you have in common, and reward her with a smile and a story of your
own if she tells you something unique about herself that you can relate to. WARNING: If she gives you
something like “Oh, I like to go shopping”, don’t reward her for that. It’s not unique. Instead, ask for
more information and then connect with it.

11. Look and touch. Looking into a girl’s eyes shows respect and interest. A firm handshake, a gentle pat
on the back, a light touch of the hand and other subtle gestures allow the girl to feel connected with
the guy.

12. Feel great. The feeling will radiate and affect the lady too.

13. Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t. You may think you will win her over with like mindedness, but
in the end she will find you out. Find a common interest, something you both like instead.

14. Show your interest. The best way to get out of the “friend trap” is to avoid it from the start. After finding common interests, make your intentions clear. “You know, I just realized it. Not only are you pretty, but you’re fun to talk to.”

15. Ask for her number. Give her your phone, tell her “Put your number in my phone and I’ll call your
phone so you’ll have mine.”

16. And once you establish that special, exclusive relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend do not–I repeat–
do not stop the chivalry. Women are too special to only be waited on conditionally. The best way to
show her you care is to continue to do the little things for her. You still need to open her car door, walk
her home, kiss her goodnight. ALWAYS call her at night to bid her goodnight (it’s best to wait a few
hours after your date to do this, otherwise you’ll seem a tad desperate.) Remember, show affection
and respect and you’ll get affection and respect.

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• Body language is very important. Be sure to keep a sturdy, upright frame and look her in the eye.
Now, be careful not to stare at her either. Being natural is key.

• If you are nervous, and going out to meet women, be sure to start talking to people as soon as you
reach your destination. Chat up the staff at the door, or the people who let you into the party. Be open
from the start.

• Put on great-smelling aftershave or cologne. Research the best-selling ones at department stores.
Unless, that is, the girls you like tend to be more on the outdoors or tomboy side of things. Some girls
detest the scent of cologne. Do not marinate yourself with scents. Ladies complain of too much
cologne, not too little. Do not exceed the maximum of three sprays on the upper body. Especially if
you wear cologne every day. It’s the general problem where a person gradually become accustomed
to the cologne levels in their own scent that they need more and more of the stuff to be able to smell it
themselves. You might not be able to smell it, but it’s there.

• Guys do not need to look like Brad Pitt to find a girlfriend. Just keep hair, teeth and nails clean and
neat. Ladies are quick to notice little details especially in the hands and faces.

• Be a good conversationalist. Read up on the latest in politics, entertainment, arts and even sports
news. Women love a well-informed man. It makes him look well-educated and, therefore, richer in
every aspect. Or just actually be well-educated.

• Do listen to the lady before responding. Women do not like to be cut off. They like to be considered
and feel important.

• Do pay on the first drink, first date, first taxi cab ride, etc. It makes a gentleman out of a man.

• Very important – offer to walk or drive the lady home (or anywhere she wants to go). This makes the
man seem sincerely concerned for her well-being.

• Don’t say things you need to explain, this is the biggest mood killer.

• Be honest and forthright, but not aggressive. Girls appreciate you telling them how you feel.

• Don’t annoy your girl by texting her every night. If she texts you, reply but unless you have something
to say then don’t text. It gets annoying when someone keeps texting you saying “what r u doing?”, so
if you absolutely can’t go without saying something everyday, at least correct your grammar. At the
very minimum, spell words correctly.

• Don’t be afraid to display your affection in public.

• Dress to match, Black and Whites, Browns and Blues, even if they don’t say anything, girls notice.

• Don’t be afraid to touch her, if you find yourself flirting, lightly touch her arm or waist.

• Be a gentleman! Open car doors for her and remember the “ladies first” rule

• Be Yourself

• If your going to the movies, Get one large popcorn to share it, and maybe your hands will touch.



• Do not attempt to stalk the lady! Know when she means no!

• Do not ask out someone too young because they are probably not ready.

• Grinning like the Cheshire cat can often creep someone out. Unless she likes that, but hey, it’s your

• Taking over the entire conversation is over-bearing and rude.

• Do not insist relentlessly on an offer when the lady has turned it down. It may be that she has no use
for or does not feel good about the suggestion. Pushing her to accept will only increase the possibility
of rejection. No one likes to feel forced into doing something. This should be mutual, OK?

• Avoid being a close talker. Nobody likes that. (particularly if you have bad breath)

• Don’t make disgusting body jokes, ask them their age or weight. Girls hate that.

• Don’t make her feel like a sex object instead of a human being, unless you’re

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