How Do I Date a College Girl?

Why College Women

There are many reasons why college campuses rock. I dare say college is the biggest “hunting ground” in North America – even bigger than every single pickup bar combined. I say this because college campuses are just jam-packed with young and eager college students with “butter legs”. (Easy to spread.)

A recent survey has shown that 63 percent of college girls are looking to find a future husband while in school. This is not surprising, as in today’s society college is the transition between adolescent hood and adulthood. They are stepping into a whole new world, and just old enough to start thinking about the
big “M” word.

Of course, many of them are probably thinking, “Hey! Look! I’m surrounded by all these guys… so if I want to meet that some special someone… this is going to be the best time!” (And that someone could be you!)
Furthermore, there are many college girls who enjoy “hooking up” with guys for casual sex. Most college women have had intercourse by the time they graduate. At least 40 percent have had at least one “hookup” with strangers, which means anything from kissing to a full one-night stand. And at least 10 percent
have reported to have “hooked up” at least six times.

So what does this tell you? College campuses are filled with young, gorgeous and intelligent women who are waiting to be picked up, either for a long term relationship or for a quick “hookup”.


Where To Find College Women

For Current College Students:

If you’re a college student, consider yourself in luck. You probably know where to find women already since they must be all around you. However, here are a few suggestions:

1) Classes: This is an obvious one. There can be anywhere from 100-600 students in big freshman lecture classes. Sit at different locations and you’re going to meet a lot of new friends.

2) Clubs: Got a hobby? Join a club and you’re going to meet women with similar interests.

3) Dance Classes: This is my personal favorite. You walk into a dance class and guess what? The ladies are going to outnumber you 20 to 1. Guess who’s going to be getting all the attention? And of course, dancers usually have good bodies…

4) The College Pub/Coffee Shop/Lounge: Most college one-night stands in college start in the pub…so you really don’t want to miss out on this one.

5) Parties: This is a great one. College students throw the most parties in the world. They can just never get drunk enough. Go to a party or two. There will bound to be a single chick or two.

6) International House: If you want to date a foreign student or two, see if there is an international house at your school!

For Non College Students:

If you’re not a college student, don’t lose hope. There are still many ways you can meet college students.

1) Back to School: Ever thought about going back to school? Even just for a class or two? More and more adults are going back to school to get the degree they never finished or the course they never took. I know quite a few men who went back to school and ended up meeting their special someone.

2) Coffee Shops, Clubs and Pubs: College students need to relax as well. And guess where they go? Clubs and pubs near the campus. Go to the coffee shop by the bookstore near your college campus…I am sure you will run into a few college students. Go to a club Friday night…I am certain you will be overrun by college girls. And of course…a lot of college students need to work, so if you look around you will notice a lot of woman working at coffee shops or restaurants, etc…

Remember that if you make friends with just a few college students, you may get introduced to more people their age!

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The Art of “Hanging Out”

Times have changed. The old times of showing up at the door with roses and chocolate is gone. College students do not date in the old-fashioned sense anymore. Nowadays, college students “hang out”.

I will now introduce you to the art of getting college women to hang out with you.

When you first meet a woman, you should use the silent pickup line you’ve learned from my book. Make good eye contact. Don’t look away. Then compliment her on something.

Now, start talking. Don’t hit on her. Just look like you’re just looking to make friends with her. (Open her up.) College girls like “nice guys”. (By this, I don’t mean guys who kick their asses…but guys who don’t grope them or stare at their boobs at first sight) If this is after a class, try walking with her to the next class or whatever. If it’s close to lunchtime tell her you’re going to get food and see if she wants to come. Or for a coffee, etc. The trick is to make it spontaneous. Her response will much positive than if you just walked up to her and say “Hey wanna go for a coffee next Wednesday at 2:30?” since you’ve already been talking with her. She will have less of a reason to say no. After all, you just want to hang out with her, not date her… so what’s the big problem?

Get her phone number ASAP. In the age of cell phones, this is EASY. While you’re talking, pull out your cell casually and ask her to give you a call. There. You have her number! That didn’t take too long, did it? (Here’s a dirty trick: You’re not sure if your phone is working…like if the ringer is on or off… so you ask a chick to give you a call. Bingo! You have her number!)


More “Hanging Out”

Good. You are friends with her now. So what do you do? You hang out with her more. Try to hang out later and later in the day, until you’re having dining with her and stuff.

Most colleges have a theater program and movie nights. So take her to a play or movie. A good band is in town? If she likes the same music, go! Remember, all of the techniques in my main book still apply to college dating. You want to flirt with her and tease her from date one. I won’t bother going into all of the details on seducing women in general since you should have read my book already.


Keep Advancing

If she has been receptive of your advances until now, good job. You’re half way there, soldier! Now you want to double the flirting and teasing and let her know you’re interested in more than just her minds. Keep advancing unless she rejects you. If the girl is interested in you, by this time she should be have all the “He loves me, he loves me not” jazz going on in her head. You don’t want to stop now. It’s time to reel the fish in, and when you do, you have to reel her in fast and hard.

Most college couples have the “are we together?” talk before they officially go out as guy and gal. If the time is right and she is falling for you, it’s time to have it now. If you haven’t kissed her yet, do it ASAP and use it as a base to anchor the talk.

Once you’ve had the talk, it’ set.

You officially have a college girlfriend!

Jason Smith

I am a Marine who now works as a Web Developer. I have five US States left to visit. I like whiskey, wine, and coffee, soaking in hot springs or in my hot tub.

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