A Playful Way To Initiate a First Kiss With a Woman

A lot of guys end up missing out on being with women that ARE attracted to them because the guy simply doesn’t know how to move in for a first kiss.

The woman then walks away feeling disappointed that he didn’t have the confidence to do it, or assumes that there just wasn’t enough of a spark between them to make him motivated enough to kiss her.

She feels that they might be better off as friends, or she secretly hopes that next time, he will have the confidence to make a move or she will look pretty enough to motivate him to make a move.

Meanwhile, the guy often then feels like he has ruined his chances and may then decide not to talk to her anymore, or to just try to be friends with her for a while and hope that something happens without him having to make any moves.

If he doesn’t talk to her anymore, she will usually then try to move on by opening herself to meeting other guys.

Alternatively, if he tries to just be her friend, she may stop feeling attracted to him and only see him as a friend.

Then, if he tries to make a move, she might say, “Sorry, I only see you as a friend now.”

So, to avoid all of those unnecessary problems, simply have a bit of fun with the first kiss moment when you’re with a woman that you feel attracted to.

If you get stuck and don’t know what to say or do, use the Count the Shoulders technique.

This is where, when she is attracted to you, you’ve been flirting with her and you can sense that it’s a good moment to kiss, you playfully ask her, “Hey, so do you want to play Count the Shoulders?”

She may say, “Yes” but she will most likely be confused by your question and be smiling and wondering what you’re talking about.

Don’t worry, simply start counting your shoulders and then hers.

For example: If she is sitting to the left of you, start by pointing at your right shoulder and count, “One” then your left shoulder, count “Two” her right shoulder, count “Three” and then put your arm around her shoulders to land on her right shoulder and count, “Four.”

At that point, you’ve got your arm around her shoulder and if she’s smiling, enjoying it and is open to you having your arm on her shoulder like that, simply draw her in a little closer to you, lean and start kissing.

If you’re ever talking to a woman that you find attractive and you notice that she’s feeling attracted to you – and you can sense that it’s the time to move in and kiss her but you’re not quite sure how to make that move, you can have a bit of fun with it and use a playful technique called count the shoulders, so if you’re sitting next to a woman or even if you’re, standing next to a woman and you’re talking and that vibe is there, where she’s attracted to you you’ve been flirting with her.

You feel like it’s the time to kiss her, but you don’t really know how to initiate just say something like this to her hey. So do you want to play count the shoulders? Then? She may say yes, but she’ll most likely be confused by the question that doesn’t matter simply start counting the shoulders. 1. 2. 3. 4. Then, if you notice that she’s smiling and she’s totally cool with you having your arm around her like that, simply draw in a little bit closer lean in start, kissing done.

Jason Smith

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