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10 Action Phrases For Your Next Personals Ad

Personals ads and in particular Internet personals ads are becoming the wave of the future in dating. More and more people are meeting online and through personals ads and these services are becoming a booming business. Gone are the singles ads of yesterday with phrases such as SWF seeks SWM. Today’s personals ads are witty, informative and hopefully effective. If you want to keep up on the current dating scene, you will have to learn all about the world of personals ads. There are a few key points to placing a personals ads which include being honest, being witty and including action phrases that will attract attention to your ad and make it stand out from the rest.

One key phrase to incorporate into your next personals ad is, “long term relationship”. This phrase is perfect because it conveys a sense of commitment. This phrase lets people know that you are committed to finding an enduring relationship and that you are not just looking for a fling. Sure there may be those reading your ad that are turned off by this phrase but as long as you maintain your honesty you won’t include phrases that don’t express what you really desire in a relationship.

“No baggage,” is another effective phrase to use in placing your next personals ad. This phrase lets readers know that you are completely free of attachments such as a spouse or children. Again, there may be those that are looking for a relationship with someone who already has children but the majority of people who use personals ads to meet people are looking for someone who is free of other commitments.

You can spice up your next personals ad with the phrase, “Active and adventurous”. This phrase is beneficial for a couple of reasons. Active has the connotation of someone who is in shape because the reader of the ad equates active with physically fit. The word adventurous leads the reader to believe that you are romantic and daring which can be very intriguing.

“Honest” is another word that should be included in all personals ads. It is very unlikely that there are people out there who are looking for dishonest partners so letting people know that you are honest is very beneficial. It’s important to not only incorporate the word honest into your ad but to also make sure that the rest of your ad is extremely honest so that the person responding to the ad doesn’t get a sense of a lack of honesty in your ad.

Another action phrase to include in your next personals ad is, “Great personality”. These words let the reader know that meeting you will be well worthwhile because you have a truly magnificent personality. It is also a great phrase to use because it indicates that you understand the value of personality in a relationship.

“Enjoys travel,” is another action phrase to include in your next personals ad. Reading this phrase creates the image that the person placing the ad is well traveled and sophisticated and this is appealing to many. It also invokes a sense of adventure which many find appealing as well.

Additionally if you are seeking responses to your ad from a certain demographic group you may want to incorporate a phrase that illustrates this. For example if you are looking to meet single women of Russian descent, you may include a phrase such as, “Seeks single, Russian women”. This may seem overly simplistic but because it is so clear, it will most likely produce the desired effect of receiving the majority of responses from single, Russian women.

If you have a love of food and enjoy exploring new restaurants, you may want to include a phrase such as, “Enjoys fine dining,” to let reader of your ad know that dining out is an activity you enjoy. This phrase can be advantageous for a couple of reasons. First, dining out is first date activity that many people enjoy so knowing that a dinner date is likely if they go out with you may result in a greater number of responses to your ad. Second, the use of the word fine in the description leads people to believe that you enjoy expensive restaurants and this can be very appealing to many readers of your ad.

Those who enjoy physical activity and keeping in shape, may include a phrase such as, “Fit and active,” to convey this message. This phrase can affectively lead to you receiving responses from those who have a similar interest in fitness. While the term fit clearly means you are in good shape and may result in a large volume of responses from those interested in meeting someone in shape, the addition of the term active may greatly diminish the volume of responses and affectively weed out those that are not interested in an active lifestyle.

An extremely effective action phrase that you can use in your next personals ad is, “Ask me anything.” This simple phrase can lead to a multitude of responses to your ad. This simple phrase lets others know that you are honest, adventurous and open to sharing details about yourself.

The personals ads may be a great place to meet a potential partner. An ad that is written honestly and incorporates a few eye catching action phrases is likely to attract a lot of attention and responses. Try to use phrases that are not only attention grabbing but also an accurate representation of your personality. Incorporating phrases just because you think they will elicit a large response can result in many responses from people who are not suitable companions.

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10 Great Places To Meet New Men

If you are tired of searching for a man in the usual singles scenes such as bars and nightclubs, it may be time to broaden your horizons and try alternative locations for meeting men. If you think outside the box and begin exploring new locations you may find that meeting a man who shares your interests is easier than you thought. A few non traditional locations for meeting men include gyms, animal shelters, home improvement stores and sports bars. While these locations may contain a high male to female relationship it’s important to choose a location where you are comfortable to search for Mr. Right. If you don’t enjoy working out or are allergic to animals it would be best to avoid gyms and animal shelters in your quest for a mate because they will most likely lead to you finding a man who is not compatible with you. There are many locations that are filled with available men and these are great locations to meet new men.

The gym is a great place to meet new men. If you don’t already have a gym membership, sign up for your local gym and prepare to meet a multitude of new men. Even if you don’t find your Prince Charming at the gym, you will have at least had the opportunity to enjoy some physical activity. The gym is a great place to meet men for a number of reasons. First of all while women make up a significant percentage of the gym, men still make up the larger percentage of clientele at most gyms. Venturing into historically male dominated areas such as the weight room heightens your chance of meeting a new man. You can take the opportunity as one of the few women in the weight room to chat up a man and ask his advice.

If you are an animal lover, you can meet available new men at your local animal shelter. If you have a love for animals and a desire to meet a new man head on down to an animal shelter on a busy weekend afternoon. Here you may find many men in search of a canine companion. The bonus in this situation is that the single men are easy to spot. Men involved in a relationship wouldn’t consider adopting a dog without their partner’s input so you can be sure that if there isn’t a woman hanging on his arm, he is available.

Outdoor activities such as hiking also present an opportunity for meeting new men. Instead of dressing up and heading out to a chic nightclub in the evening try waking up early and hitting the hiking trails with one of your pals. If you are interested in meeting the rugged outdoors type of man, this can be your opportunity to meet an available man.

Anther great place to meet new men is a home improvement store. These stores are almost overrun with handy men. You may find the man of the dreams in the tool aisle or at the very least may find a man who is capable of fixing a leaky faucet for you. While home improvement and maintenance may not be your idea of a way to spend a Saturday evening you might be pleasantly surprised by the number of available men wandering the aisles of a home improvement store on a weekend night.

If you are interested in meeting an artistic man, coffee houses are another place to meet new men. The relaxed, cozy atmosphere of a coffee house provides the perfect mood to strike up a casual conversation with a new man. Coffee houses invite customers to linger over the coffee and this is the ideal opportunity to approach a man who catches your eye.

The woman who enjoys sports would be well advised to visit a sports bar on the night of an important local game to meet the man of her dreams. This location works wonders for meeting new many for a few reasons. First you will most likely be one of only a few women in the bar and secondly displaying any knowledge of the sport will charm the men in the bar.

If you have a specific interest or hobby, try taking a course on the subject. In doing so you will further your knowledge about your hobby and may meet a new man in the process. Many men enjoy taking courses and learning about new activities so you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the number of men in your class.

If you are the athletic type, you may find a great place to meet new men is in a local sports league. Try signing up for a recreational league in either a sport you enjoy or one that you have always wanted to learn. Some cities even have singles leagues that you might be interested in joining. This will give you the opportunity to meet a wealth of men who share you love of sports. Even if you don’t wind up meeting the man of the dreams you will have at least had the opportunity to participate in a sport you enjoy.

The technically inclined, modern woman may choose to meet new men online. There are plenty of dating sites available on the Internet that are just full of single men looking to make a love connection. You may find personals sites that cater to a specific interest or those that cater to specific demographic groups. Searching for a man online affords you the ability to read through personals ads at your leisure and allows you to search and sort men according to different categories.

Another great place to meet new men is a Laundromat. Even if you own your own washer and dryer, head on down to your local Laundromat and you are sure to meet available men. While the Laundromat may not be your ideal location for meeting a new man, there are some distinct advantages to meeting a man in a Laundromat. First you can be almost positive that a guy doing his laundry by himself is truly single and secondly it never hurt to meet a man who is capable of doing his own laundry.

If you find yourself frustrated with the lack of new men available at bars and nightclubs try venturing out to different locations to meet new men. The key to doing this is to choose an activity you enjoy and head out to an appropriate location in search of a compatible man. Men are out there doing just about every activity imaginable so whether you like artistic, athletic or handy men, there are more than a few places that are great for meeting new men.

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10 Great Places To Meet New Women

There are a lot of great women out there just waiting to meet the man of their dreams but finding these available women can take a little creativity. Sure there are plenty of single women at bars and nightclubs but the competition is also tough with many men also trying to meet women and women are usually on guard at these locations so getting through their defenses can be difficult. Instead of battling other men for a woman’s affection at a bar, try meeting women in new locations. Specifically locations that sport a high female to male ration will enhance your chances of meeting new women.

A woman’s clothing store is a great place to meet new women. Not only is this location filled with women but it is also almost completely devoid of other men. Many men avoid a woman’s clothing store like the plague so if you are brave enough to venture inside you will have an assortment of women to choose from. You can start a conversation by asking a woman for advice for a gift for your sister or by complimenting her on her purchases.

The gym can also be another great place to meet new women. While you may already spend hours a day pumping iron in the weight room try spending some time on a cardio machine or drop in on an aerobics or yoga class. These activities are typically dominated by women so engaging in these activities increases your chance of meeting women while at the gym.

Another great place to meet new women is in an adult continuing education class. Many community colleges offer night classes on a variety of subjects. Try signing up for a class or two and you may find that you meet a variety of new women. The key to choosing a class is to not only choose a class that sounds interesting but to also choose a class that is likely to consist of mostly women such as cooking classes or pottery classes.

The Internet is always an option for meeting women. You can try placing a personals ad online or join a dating service to read profiles of available men. There are so many personals sites available that it would almost be impossible not to find a suitable match. Just be sure to exercise caution and not give out your contact information or agree to meet anyone in a secluded location.

Hobby and craft stores are also excellent places to meet new women. Many women enjoy activities in arts and craft and often frequent these types of stores to purchase items for craft projects. More importantly though this is a hobby that does not attract many men so you will most likely be one of only a few men in the store.

Tanning spas or salons can be great places to meet new women. Again, these locations aren’t frequented by men so you are most likely to be one of the only men present. If you are attracted to women who put a lot of effort into their appearance the salon is definitely the place to go. Here you will find women who are committed to their appearance and who will appreciate you for your ability to understand that a manicure is just as important to men as it is to women.

If you are in search of a woman with interests similar to yours, a bookstore might just be the place for you. Try visiting a bookstore and only searching sections of the bookstore that interest you. Forget about attempting to determine what section might attract the most women and stick to the sections that hold your interests. You might be pleasantly surprised to meet a new woman who shares your passion for restoring old cars.

Sporting events can also be a great place to meet women who either share your love of sports or are in search of men themselves. You may attend a baseball game and wind up meeting a woman who shares your love of sports or you may at least meet a woman who is trying to meet a man. Sporting events are typically well attended by men so it’s possible that the women you meet at a sporting event are trying to put the odds in their favor and use this opportunity to meet men.

Another great place to meet new women is the theater. Women are typically drawn to the arts and if you begin attending local theater productions you may find the opportunity to meet a variety of new women. Not many men take in plays or operas on their own so doing so will help you to stand out from the crowd and single women are more likely to notice you.

Finally a grocery story is a great place to meet new women. Women make up the larger percentage of grocery shoppers so as one of only few men the odds will be in your favor. Also, women typically are experienced shoppers and you can take this opportunity to ask for their assistance in picking out produce or choosing a pasta sauce. Women will be flattered by you asking their advice and may be open to inviting you to their place for a home cooked meal.

While bars and nightclubs are certainly full of available women the likelihood of meeting a woman at these locations is slim to none. Although many women frequent nightclubs and bars in the hopes of meeting a man, these are also locations where women feel vulnerable and are likely to have their defenses up making them unapproachable. Try frequenting other locations and you may have an easier time meeting available women with interests similar to your own.


10 Incredibly Nice Things To Do For Her

You can demonstrate your love for the special woman in your life in a number of small ways. Flowers and candy on special occasions are always nice but you can also surprise a woman by offering smaller gestures on a daily basis. She will appreciate your thoughtfulness and understand that you are trying to show her how much she means to you.

One incredibly nice thing to do for her is simply to ask her how her day was and listen intently to her answer. Women enjoy talking about their personal issues and expressing an interest in her career or other areas of interest will be greatly appreciated. Listening carefully to her will let her know that you are interested in her thoughts and care about her feelings.

Cooking for a woman is another incredibly nice thing that you can do for her. Most women are the primary cooks in the relationship and giving her a night off from her usual kitchen duties is always a welcomed gesture. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to cook, it’s really not that hard. There are many cook books and Internet sites that offer a wide variety or recipes. Pick one that sounds interesting and follow the instructions carefully.

Remembering and celebrating a small occasion is another nice gesture that women appreciate. It’s always nice to celebrate on big occasions but if you remember the anniversary of another special day the woman in your life will be completely caught by surprise. For example celebrate the anniversary of the day you brought home your new puppy with a trip to a dog park.

Another incredibly nice thing to do for a woman is to give her compliments when they are unexpected. Women expect compliments when they put a lot of effort into their appearance but letting her know you think she is beautiful while she’s running errands, demonstrates that you see her inner beauty shining through at all times. Compliments don’t always have to be about physical characteristics either. You could compliment her on her career accomplishments and let her know that you appreciate how hard she works.

Handing over the remote control is another incredibly nice thing you can do for a woman. You may not want to sit through another episode of a home decorating show but allowing the woman in your life to indulge in this without complaining about her choice will show her that you are not belittling her interests.

If you want to do something really nice for the special woman in your life, get to know her family and friends. Woman value their relationships and she will be pleased about the fact that you take an interest in and get to know the other special people in her life. Caring about those that she loves shows her that you love her.

Still another incredibly nice thing to do for a woman is to write her a love letter and send it in the mail. Sure she sees you every day and you may even exchange emails and phone calls on a daily basis but a love letter is something that she can save in a special place and will cherish. Expressing your love in a letter is a special way to tell a woman that you care deeply about her.

Planning a trip for your woman is another incredibly nice thing you can do for her. A vacation is always nice but when you take the initiative and plan out all the details ahead of time, it shows that you want her to have the enjoyable experience of the trip but that you are willing to take care of all the planning. Women tend to take the lead in making travel arrangements and verifying the logistics of trips but if you take care of that ahead of time, the woman is free to just focus on packing for the trip.

Another incredibly nice thing to do for a woman is to surprise her at work by showing up for a lunch date. Woman always love to be surprised and your lunch date will give her the opportunity to get out of the office for a little while and enjoy some time with you. Many women skip lunch or work straight through it but giving her the opportunity to break away from her desk for even a half hour will give her a welcomed chance to relax a little bit.

Finally if you want to do something really nice for the woman in your life, it could be as simple as opening the car door for her when you go out. Women enjoy being independent but small chivalrous gestures are always appreciated. If you normally rush to the driver’s side of the car and hop in, stop once in awhile to open her door first. It will show her that you want to protect and care for her and will make her feel well loved.

There are many ways you can show your love for the special woman in your life. Many of the items listed above may be seemingly small, inconsequential things but it is these little things that really show a woman that you care. Doing nice things for a woman demonstrate that you want to go out of your way to make sure that she is happy.

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10 Incredibly Nice Things To Do For Him

There are a number of incredibly nice things that you can do for the man in your life to let him know how much he means to you. Really thinking about his personality and hobbies and personalizing your gestures will demonstrate that you care about him. You will surprise the man in your life with your thoughtful and tailored gestures.

One incredibly nice thing you could do for him is to make arrangement to have his car professionally detailed. Many men take pride in their car and enjoy spending their time to make sure it looks and runs its best. You can let him know that you understand his fascination with his car by making the arrangements to have the car detailed. If you know that he will be out of town for a few days, try making the arrangements for that time so that it will be a surprise for him when he returns. If you are unable to do this in secret, go ahead and let him know about your plans. It’s okay that it won’t be a surprise because he will probably enjoy being involved in the process.

Another incredibly nice thing that you can do for the special man in your life is to take the responsibility of completing a chore around the house that he usually performs. For example if he usually takes care of mowing the lawn, plan to come home from work early one day to mow the lawn before he gets home. He will not only be excited to not have to take care of this chore but will also be excited that you recognize the effort he puts forth into completing this chore.

Purchasing a gadget that your man has his eye on is another nice thing to do for him. Many men enjoy all types of gadgets and gizmos and figuring out one that he is interested in and purchasing it for him will be a very welcomed gift. It will also show him that you were paying attention while he was talking about this gadget and you understand how much it means to him. He will appreciate that while it may not be something you would want for yourself, you realize that it is something that he will enjoy.

Still another incredibly nice thing to do for him is to take control of plans for a date. Men are usually the ones who are in charge of planning and paying for dates so he will be grateful for you making date arrangements for a night. Carefully plan out a fun date filled with activities that he will enjoy and don’t rely on him to take care of any of the details. Make the arrangements, drive to the destination and pay for the date. The man in your life will feel pampered for the evening and will enjoy having the stress of date planning off his shoulders.

Surprising the man in your life by meeting him at work and taking him out to lunch or on a picnic is another incredibly nice thing you can do for him. He will enjoy getting out of the office for awhile and having some extra time to spend with you. The element of surprise will let him know that you are thinking of him. Also, having a break in his day where he can relax and enjoy your company will make the rest of the day seem to go by much more quickly for him.

Another incredibly nice thing you can do for the man in your life is to pick up a magazine or book relating to an interest he has while you are out shopping. Doing so will let him know that you understand his interest and that you want him to have some time to enjoy thinking about his favorite hobby. It also shows that you even while you were just out running a few errands you were thinking about him.

Learning about the man in your life’s favorite sport is another nice thing to do for him. He may enjoy spending his weekends watching his favorite sports teams and, if you are not normally a fan of this sport, you will surprise him by taking an active interest. Try doing some research on your own to learn a little more about his favorite sport and team and the next time he is watching a game, sit with him and ask pertinent questions. He will be astonished at your knowledge and eager to teach you more.

Another incredibly nice thing to do for a man is to buy him flowers. Women receive flowers for special occasions and sometimes for no reason at all but men don’t often receive flowers very often so showing up with a bouquet for him will be a welcomed surprise. He will appreciate the novelty of the gift and be delighted with the gesture.

If your taste in music differs from that of the man in your life, one incredibly nice thing you can do for him is to purchase tickets to see his favorite band in concert. While the music may not be your first choice, it’s something he enjoys so give him a chance to indulge himself. He will be excited to share his music with you and will be glad that you are interested in hearing the music with him.

Finally another nice thing to do for a man is to learn to barbeque. Many men greatly enjoy barbequed foods and have even been known to brave freezing temperatures to enjoy a barbequed steak in the dead of winter. While many men love the chance to barbeque they would also appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a barbeque without having to do any of the work. Preparing a barbeque will let him know that you realize it’s a meal he enjoys and that you appreciate the effort he usually puts forward to prepare this meal.

Doing something incredibly nice for a man doesn’t have to be extravagant or complicated. Simple gestures that show that you understand his thoughts and feelings are those that will be most appreciated. In surprising the man in your life with some of these examples or other applicable things you will let him know how important he is to you.

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