5 Reasons Why Most Women You Like Already Have a Boyfriend

So many men find that the pretty, sweet, attractive women they really like are already taken.

The girl at work (or university) that he likes already has a boyfriend.

The women he knows through friends are all taken, except for the ones he’s not attracted to.

Heck, he may have even tried meeting new women, but usually hears, “Sorry, I have a boyfriend” when he asks for a phone number.

So, what is going on?

Why is that happening to him and how can he quickly get himself a girlfriend that he genuinely feels attracted to, really likes and wants to be with?

All is explained in the video above.

In the video, I explain:

– Why a man might find that all the women he really likes already have a boyfriend.
– The solution to the problem.
– An example of how to apply the solution when you meet a woman in a random situation.

There are so many guys out there who would love to get themselves a girlfriend, but they often find that the girls they really like are already taken. Why does that happen and, more importantly, how do you fix it? So you can actually get yourself a girlfriend that you find attractive you really like, and you actually want to be with to help. You understand that I’ll first explain the five most common reasons why a guy may feel as though all the good women are taken and I’ll then give you the solution and give you an example of something that you can say to a woman that you don’t know In a random situation to get something going between you and her, so let’s begin with recent number one why a guy may feel as though all the good women are taken, all the girls he really likes already have a boyfriend. The first reason is that he has been very unlucky up until this point, so in this case, every woman that he has ever met that he really liked already had a boyfriend or a husband.

He has really bad luck when it comes to finding single, attractive women. Yet he can change that and I’ll explain how and why, as we go through this video number two lately, he hasn’t been meeting many new single women that he finds attractive. So imagine this a guy wants to be able to get himself a girlfriend. He works in an office and he goes to work on Monday to Friday on Friday nights he sometimes goes for after work drinks with coworkers and he usually just sticks with in his group or talks to his co-workers. He doesn’t really venture out to talk to other women at the bar, then on the weekends he may sometimes catch up with his friends who already have a girlfriend, and he may not like any of the remaining single women in his social circle right.

They may not be attractive to him and he may like his friend’s girlfriend, or he may like a girl at work and find her very attractive, but she’s already engaged or she’s got a boyfriend or she’s married. So as he goes through that cycle of his everyday life in week to week life, he doesn’t meet many new single women and get to know them enough to know that he really likes them. The reason I say that is that in many cases, when a guy feels as though all the good women are taken, he has gotten to know some women via his so you’ll circle or work who already have a boyfriend or husband. He likes those women, those women even like him.

They get along right, he’s able to talk to those women. He feels comfortable around those women. He likes those women. He feels attracted to them yet with the women that he sees in his everyday life or that he sees when he’s out at a bar and he doesn’t walk over and talk to. He doesn’t actually know that he doesn’t like them. He may like a lot of those women that he finds attractive. He may have a conversation with them and feel as though he really likes that girl.

Yet how many new women is he actually meeting per month for many guys It’s going to be zero, but for some guys It’s going to be one or two women every month for some guys, though, they may have been trying to meet new women, they may be Meeting ten new women a month and they’re still unable to meet a single woman who they’re attracted to and who feels attracted to them in return. Why is that?

It will usually come down to reason number three that is, he has been meeting some attractive women who are single, but he doesn’t really know how to attract them and pick them up as a result, single women that he likes may like him as a person or See him as a nice guy, but they won’t really be interested in anything sexual or in being his girlfriend. So if he talks to a woman like that and asks for her phone number, she might say something like sorry: I have a boyfriend. Many women will say something like that to hopefully let a guy down gently right.

She doesn’t want to say no, I am NOT interested in you. I wouldn’t want to be with you, I’m not attracted to you and so on. Instead, she uses the excuse of sorry. I have a boyfriend if that happens, to a guy on a number of occasions. He may start to believe that all of the women he really likes already have a boyfriend. In almost all cases, though, what he is missing is the ability to attract women as he talks to them. When you know how to attract women as you talk to them, and those women are single. that’s when you stop hearing sorry, I have a boyfriend as an excuse to in the interaction or to let you down gently.

Suddenly many of the single women you meet like you in a Cell Shaul and romantic way, and you begin to enjoy your choice of women or you get yourself a girlfriend and settle down. As mentioned I’ll, give you an example of what to say to attract a woman, as you talk to her later in the video for now. Another common reason why a guy might feel as though all the women he likes already have a boyfriend is that he goes through his everyday life.

Assuming that all pretty women must already have a boyfriend. The reality is that most new relationships don’t work. They don’t last, which results in men becoming single again and women becoming single again when you go into a cafe to order a coffee or some food. The barista may be single when you’re walking through the park, and you see a woman with her dog. She may be single and when you’re at a bar most of the women there are going to be single.

Yet in today’s world, a lot of guys tend to think about dating apps and how that is interfering with their dating life and reducing their chances with women. But to put it into perspective, for you imagine a woman using a dating app in a big city, for example, right. Tens of thousands of guys have swiped on her hoping to get a match. Imagine now that she matches up with a hundred of those guys and they start texting her day and night. Most guys who a woman will match up with on a dating app will start texting her and texting her and texting us. So what happens for a lot of women is that they just use dating apps as a source of validation.

They see that all these guys are liking them. They match up with some guys. Some messages come through and she doesn’t answer right. She doesn’t get into text conversations with 50 100 200 men. She just doesn’t do it. In fact, according to a study of thousands of users of tinder, 44.4 %, we’re using it to hopefully boost their confidence, I say hopefully because in many cases it doesn’t boost a guy’s confidence and instead kills his confidence. He finds that he’s not getting any matches or he’s only matching up with women that he’s not attracted to additionally in another study, only twenty-nine point: two percent of users said that they had met up with someone for a date via the app, whereas 70 points.

Eight percent it hadn’t ever followed through and actually gone on a date with someone that they met by Tinder. Of course, some women do use it for dates, but what you’ll find is that the majority of women who use it for dates aren’t very attractive and they’re swiping on guys that are better-looking than them, hoping that the good-looking guy is going to accept her and in Some cases the good-looking guy will do that he’ll end up accepting a girl that he wasn’t initially very attracted to, but she grew on him and he thought why not I’ll just be with her yet that same guy will go through his everyday life and see women.

That he is really attracted to like the girl working in a clothing store, the waitress, the girl behind the counter at a cafe the receptionist, whatever it may be, or at a bar. I like that girl. I, like that girl I like that girl and how many of them will the approach? How many of them will he properly meet, where he has a conversation with them, attracts them, and then picks them up. That will usually be zero for most guys because most guys look at pretty women and assume that they must be taken. She must have a boyfriend or she must have hundreds of guys texting her on dating apps and she’s meeting up with them all the time.

Yet in reality, although there are some pretty crazy women who go on dates with new guys, every night of the week to get their dinner paid for those women are the minority right. Most women aren’t engaging in ongoing text conversations with guys on tinder and then following through and having loads of dates with all these different guys. So as you go through your everyday life, don’t just assume that every girl that you find attractive is taken right.

She’s, pretty has to have a boyfriend. She’S beautiful has to have a husband all taken. All the good ones are taken in reality. Some of them will be taken. She has a boyfriend, she has a boyfriend, she has a husband, but she is single she’s, single she’s, single she’s, single she’s single. Yet almost all guys will look at her and say she must be taken, or she must have a long list of guys on a dating app who are trying to get a date with her, and she must be going on dates with all those guys.

All the time she would have so many options that she wouldn’t give me the time of day. Yet the reality is that when you talk to a woman in person – and you make her feel attracted, It’s just you and her in that moment, you and her are talking. She is focused on you if you know how to make her feel attracted to you as you talk to her. She opens up to the interaction it becomes about you and her. It’s a private connection between you and her. It’s a private world she’s feeling attracted to you but she’s, not thinking about all the hundreds of guys or thousands of guys who have sent her messages on dating apps, hey beautiful, you’ve got beautiful eyes. Can I take you out sometime she’s, not thinking about that?

In that moment, she’s focused on you now, of course, there are some women out there who have very high standards in men. that’s true, but those women are the minority. The majority of women have what I call an OpenType, which means that they’re open to being with different types of guys as long as the guy knows how to make her feel attracted, create a bit of a connection, and then get something going between him and her. The fifth reason why a guy may feel, as though all the good women are taken is that he only feels comfortable being himself around women who are taken. So if he’s talking to his friend’s girlfriend or wife, then he can feel comfortable because There’s no pressure on him he’s not trying to hit on her right he’s just hanging out being himself and talking to her.

There’s no intention there to pick her up. So he behaves like himself and he’s being himself around her he’s being the cool interesting guy that he is, but when he’s around an attractive girl, an attractive woman that he really likes, then all things suddenly change. Suddenly he becomes more polite, nicer, more reserved more hesitant than he is or wants to be. The cool, interesting side of him is hidden, It’s suppressed and he doesn’t want to say the wrong thing and stuff things up.

He is worried that she might not like him. He thinks that he needs to really try hard to impress her, so he puts on a bit of a character he starts being nicer than he normally is more polite, and so on more reserved. As a result, single women that he finds attractive aren’t finding him attractive because he’s being to nice or being to neutral, or he seems a bit awkward, but he has that cool side to himself. He has that confident side to himself. He has that interesting side to himself, but it doesn’t come out around girls that he feels very attracted to.

He suddenly feels a lot of pressure like he needs to impress her and that causes his behavior and conversation style to change and become unattractive and unappealing to the woman. So what’s the solution, the solution is that you need to prepare yourself to get the result that you want. In other words, you’ve got to get yourself ready to start a conversation with a woman that you find attractive.

Keep the conversation going a tractor get a phone number or kiss her depending on where you meet her you’ve got to know what to say and do to make that happen, so you can get the result. For example, would you know what to say if you saw this girl in a supermarket or grocery store right now, would you know how to start a conversation with her? Keep the conversation going, keep it interesting make her feel attracted connect with her, and get her number. Would you know how to do that? How about this girl working in a clothing store? Would you know how to attract her and get her number? How about?

If you went to a bar and saw this girl, would you know what to say and do to attract her and pick her up? Finally, this girl in the park with her dog, would you know what to say the start of conversation make her feel attracted. Keep the conversation going, keep it interesting, and eventually get her number. The thing is most single guys who see a woman in the park with her dog and find her attractive will assume that she must be taken or they’re worried that other people at the park will think he’s a sleaze he’s harassing women and so on.

Yet here’s the reality if you saw a normal guy, walk over and talk to a woman in the park and they were getting along having a conversation having a laugh, what would you think right? People aren’t gonna, come running from all directions towards the man and the woman who are talking having a laugh, and getting along and say stop talking to each other. You two are getting along. You seem like you like each other stop talking to each other. Instead, most people are just going to go on about their business and not even notice, but the people who do notice will think are those two people like each other they’re having a nice conversation or if It’s a single guy or a single woman, they may look On and think why doesn’t that happen to me?

You know I walked my dog and no one comes over and talks to me right. So It’s not harassment or sleazy behavior to have a friendly conversation and create a spark with a woman. So if you saw a woman in the park with her dog and you found her attractive and she was sitting down with her dog or she was walking slowly or just hanging out in the park with her dog, you can walk over and say something like this. To her hey cute dog, It’s even cuter than its owner just kidding It’s only a little bit cuter than a Turner, hey I’m down by the way. You know I was just walking past and I saw you with your dog and I thought oh cool dog I’ll come over and say hello, what’s your dog’s name Maxine?

How are you doing little lady, and how about you? What’S your name, Jenny, oh nice, to meet you? Can you dog do any tricks? What you haven’t taught her! Any tricks come on. She’s got to be able to do back flips and things like that, and you keep a conversation going with her right. You make her laugh, you be confident you connect with her and you flirt with her, and if both of you are off work that day or if It’s a weekend, you may walk together and get a coffee or get a juice. If not, you just get a number right, you get a number call her up set up a date and then, on the date you’ll most likely kiss her.

You may have sex if it doesn’t happen on the first date. It may happen on the second or third date, and then you and her become a couple you’re walking along the street and a guy who feels as though all the good women had taken, looks on and thinks all the good women are taken. See I like her. What can I get a girl like that? You know every girl that I know It’s already got a boyfriend or a husband. All the good women are taken. Yet, how many women is he properly meeting, and does he know how to attract those women as he talks to them? Does he know how to create a connection and then get her number?

Is he actually doing that or is he meeting the same women over and over again through his friend group or at work? Is he really venturing out and if he does venture out and talk to new women, does he know how to attract them? What’S important to understand is that all these other guys that you see with a girlfriend aren’t going to be better than you right? It’s not as if you’re, not an interesting guy, It’s not as if you can’t make a woman feel attracted as you talk to her. If you know how to do that, these guys aren’t super amazing, guys they’re just normal everyday guys in most cases and they’re able to get themselves a pretty girlfriend.

If you think that you can’t do that, then you need to think again. You can do it and, if you’re serious about learning this, I recommend that you read my ebook the flow or listen to the audiobook version. The flow on audio. It includes my best ever conversation starters ways to make women feel instantly attracted to you as soon as you start talking to them how to build up a woman’s attraction, as you talk to her, how to keep conversations going and keep them interesting.

How to make a woman want to contribute to the conversation and want to get to know you how to initiate touch in a way that she wants and welcomes how to get a phone number or how to kiss her or have sex with her. On the first night that you meet her, alternatively, you can get a phone number set up a date kiss her on the first date and have sex on the first second or third date, or whenever you want to do it. All you have to do is follow the steps of the flow and you and a woman flow smoothly from one step to the next. It’s the easiest way to get laid or get a girlfriend.

So what has been the case for you? Has it been that you’ve? Just been very unlucky, every woman that you’ve ever liked has already had a boyfriend, or has it been that you haven’t been meeting many new women properly? You haven’t really been expanding your options, or has it been that you’ve been meeting new women, but you haven’t been making them feel attracted you’ve just been having friendly, neutral or nice conversations with them, or have you been assuming that all the pretty women you see are Already taken, there are no single women in your area.

Alternatively, has it been that you only really feel comfortable around women that you’re not trying to pick up that are already taken, and that’s when you can be yourself, you haven’t yet worked out how to be comfortable and confident around women that you find attractive. Well, the solution for that is to prepare yourself to get the result to understand how to attract women as you talk to them. What happens when you know how to attract a woman as you talk to her and you do that, and you see that she’s attracted is that you then feel more confident now you know that if you talk to another woman, There’s a high chance that you’re going To be able to make her feel attracted, and if you talk to her and you make her feel attracted, then your confidence increases even more you’re like okay.

I’ve got this now. Yet if you just look at women that you find attractive and you don’t talk to them or if you talk to women, that you find attractive and you just have friendly neutral or nice interactions with them and therefore don’t create a spark inside of the woman, then You may end up going through your life, thinking that all the good women are taken. There’s no women for you when, in fact there are, you can make women feel attracted to you.

As you talk to them, It’s not possible to attract and pickup every single woman in the world, but it is possible to attract and pickup many single women, including women, that you see as being pretty and beautiful other guys have done. It don’t go through your life. Thinking that those guys are better than you and that you can’t do it now, you need to start thinking differently about yourself. You need to start giving yourself more credit. You need to start believing in yourself.

You need to start understanding that It’s not difficult. You can make women feel attracted to you as you talk to them when you do that, you will then realize that you could have been enjoying your choice with women all this time, yet at least you’re doing it now at least you’re not going through more years Or a decade or more of your life thinking that there are no pretty women for you, you can’t get a girlfriend, you can’t get laid, you can’t do it, you know other guys can do it, but you can’t come on. You can do it.

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